South Korea Looking to Have Stricter Social Distancing Measures As Cases Spike Again

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You know that friends of yours from a multi-level marketing (MLM) company who recently got in touch with you on Facebook and now talks to you every day?

You knew what he wanted the minute he sent the first message, and so you tried to swat him away, like an annoying fly in your room.

But he keeps coming back every day, imploring you to join his clearly unlawful company.

Unfortunately for us, the coronavirus is the MLM employee of the disease world.

Even though we keep trying to shoo it away, it keeps coming back for us.

South Korea Looking to Have Stricter Social Distancing Measures As Cases Spike Again

After seemingly having controlled Covid-19 outbreaks across the country, South Korea is once again facing a spike in infections.

The republic recorded over 200 new coronavirus cases for the third consecutive day on Monday (16 Nov), prompting the government to consider reimposing social distancing measures to contain outbreaks.

South Korea has experienced surges in cases in February and August, and managed to bring down infections both times.

Image: Worldometers

But once again, cases are on the rise.

According to Reutersthis is the ninth straight day of triple-digit increases, and Monday’s 223 cases is the highest number since early September.

As a result, the country’s health ministry warned that social distancing curbs might have to be reimposed, after they were eased a month ago.

This could include:

  • banning public gatherings of 100 people or more
  • limiting religious services and audiences at sporting events to 30% capacity
  • requiring high-risk venues such as clubs and karaoke bars to increase distance among patrons

“We are at a critical crossroads where we might have to readjust distancing,” Health Minister Park Neung-hoo said at a meeting.

“The current situation is taking a very dangerous turn considering the rising infections from daily lives and the unrelenting pace of the spread.”

Started Fining People Who Don’t Wear Masks

In Singapore, getting fined for not wearing a mask is like having to visit the bathroom several times after eating a McSpicy; it’s not surprising.


But not every country makes this a punishable offence.

Due to the recent rise in cases, South Korea began fining people last Friday (13 Nov) who failed to wear masks in public.

Those caught without masks at public venues including nightclubs, malls, and hair salons, face fines of up to 100,000 won (S$121).

The operators of these establishments face a much heavier fine: 3 million won (S$3,643).

President Moon Jae-in warned local governments not to take the recent spike in cases lightly.

“If we lower our guard and disregard quarantine measures, our jobs and daily lives would be put at risk and greater damage and suffering may come,” he said.


This should also serve as a cautionary tale for countries like Singapore; just because infections are low at the moment doesn’t mean we’ve won our battle with Covid-19.

Far from it.

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