South Korea Raising Disease Alert Level to ‘Highest’; Officials Told to Take ’Unprecedented Powerful Measures’


It’s hard to believe that just four days ago, whenever people say “South Korea”, we’d think of Crash Landing on You.

And now, when people say “South Korea”, we’d relate it to COVID-19.

At this moment, the country has 556 confirmed cases, which is the highest outside of China. There are also 4 deaths.

The city of Daegu, which has the most number of cases due to an irresponsible churchgoer’s actions, has been panicking and now looks like a ghost town. With it being declared as a “special management zone”, people are advised to stay home while medical help is being sent over from other cities.

The no-nonsense President of South Korea, Moon Jae-in, decided that enough is enough: other than getting officials to investigate the church that could have potentially led to this outbreak, he’s now going to raise the alert level to the highest.

If Mr Moon is in Singapore, he’d have said the words that Singaporeans dreaded the most: DORSCON Red.

South Korea Raising Disease Alert Level to ‘Highest’ Coz It’s at ‘a Grave Turning Point’

If you’ve watched many South Korean politics dramas, it’s time to forget about those plots because the real-life president isn’t anything like those presidents (though you’ve got to admit that there’s a big similarity in the looks department).

Moon Jae-in entered the Blue House after a scandal that led to the previous President’s removal from office in 2017.

Since then, Mr Moon had made significant contributions both globally and domestically: he made friends with Kim Jong-un and even managed to create history when both leaders stepped into each other’s countries without ‘chopping passport’.

He even reformed family-owned conglomerates and kind of reduce their influence—something you’d be familiar with if you watch South Korea dramas.

And now, he’s going down in the history books for another decision he’s going to make.

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Meetings in South Korea government have intensified in recent days, and today, Mr Moon said this: “The COVID-19 incident faces a grave turning point. The next few days will be crucial. The government will raise the alert level to the highest level of ‘grave’ according to experts’ recommendations and drastically strengthen our response system.”

He urged officials not to hesitate from taking “unprecedented powerful measures” to contain the outbreak.

At this moment, it’s unknown what measures could be implemented yet, but we can be sure you’d be hearing about it soon.

Because remember what he said: “The next few days will be crucial.”