Self-Proclaimed ‘Sovereign’ Arrested by Police on the Spot; MP Slammed Her Actions Online


You must be wondering: simi is a “sovereign’?

Well, this is one:

And if it still doesn’t make sense, here’s something to learn about from Goody Feed once again: in our peaceful world, there’s something known as the sovereign citizen movement, whereby people self-proclaimed themselves to be a sovereign citizen. As one, the person would believe that he or she is above the laws, and will come out with creative reasons to break the laws—but of course, in the first place, they don’t even see the laws as the laws.

You can say that they’re extremists, and they’re of course a problem in society, especially for law enforcers.

It’s unknown whether she’s referring to this sovereign; she could be talking about souvenir or sohai—we won’t know.

But what we know is that even if you think you’re above the laws, you’d still be arrested, because come on lah: this is Singapore leh.

Other than being known for our love for bubble, we’d known to be law-by-law.

And this is what happened to this self-proclaimed souvenir who looks like Barney.

Image: Reddit

Self-Proclaimed ‘Sovereign’ and the Police

A video shows that the police has been called in, but Barney continues being a souvenir—and even rudely refused a mask when a kind uncle offered one to her.

When the police came, it’s unknown what happened after that.

Though I’ve to point out that this guy must have the best day of his life because he could point a middle finger at a police officer (presumably to show him what Barney had done) without facing any consequence:

The incident happened at Shunfu Market this afternoon, and the MP for the area  has spoken.

MP: This Kind of Behavior Will Not Be Tolerated

MP for Bishan-Toa Payoh Group Representation Constituency (GRC) Chong Kee Hiong took to Facebook to slam the actions of a person who “defiantly refused to don a mask at Shunfu Market this afternoon”, and even a person with a brain of Barney can connect the dots and know which incident he’s referring to even when it was not explicitly mentioned.

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In the post, he said that the person is a repeat offender, which most probably means it could be the same fellow here:

Image: Twitter (@asonofapeach)

Truly a savage Sovereign.

In the previous offence, she was merely fined.

He then added that the police officers had “swiftly” apprehended the offender on the spot, though it could be for other reasons like public nuisance or looking too much like Barney.

Here’s his post:


Lest you can’t read:

Many are rightly concerned about the incident of a repeat offender who defiantly refused to don a mask at Shunfu Market this afternoon. In a previous incident, this person had been caught and fined.

I would like to thank SPF officers for swiftly apprehending the offender on the spot today. We cannot have such acts of irresponsibility while the whole of Singapore makes sacrifices and is fighting COVID-19 as one.

Rest assured that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated and offenders will be dealt with according to the law. I urge all BE-T residents to keep vigilant, wear masks when outdoors, and do our part to keep each other safe.

Nevertheless, I guess Ms Barney here would know that there’s no place for a Sovereign in Singapore: you can be a sohai or a souvenir, but if you’re a Sovereign testing the system, the system will get you.

Didn’t she serve NS?