New Police Car is So High-Tech, It Can Automatically Recognise Car Plate Numbers With Its Camera

Criminals listen up, the Singapore Police Force (SPF) has a message for you:

You can run but you can’t hide, b*tches

Okay, maybe not the exact wording but that’s the gist of their latest announcement.

New Police Car is So High-Tech, It Can Automatically Recognise Car Plate Numbers With Its Camera

First thing first, high-speed car chases.

There will be times where a police officer can be forgiven for not taking note of a law-breaking car’s car plate number because he’s busy doing other things.

Such as not crashing into innocent people on the road or hanging on for dear life.

Well, now, there won’t be an issue even if a police officer didn’t take notice of the car plate number because technology will do it for him.

According to a report on CNA, SPF’s new fast response car isn’t for comfort but for utility.

On the outside, it has a remote-controlled searchlight on the roof, cameras on the front, sides and back, as well as sensors under the side-view mirrors.

Image: Giphy

The visual sensors under the side-view mirrors are like intelligence analysts on their own.

It can detect car plate numbers on the move, determine a car model and colour, and sniff out wanted vehicles.

A dashboard within the vehicle, which is connected to the police database will highlight the plate numbers in red.

Also, if you’re looking to break into the car, don’t bother because it’s protected by a 360-degree camera view which is live-streamed to the police operations command centre.

It goes without saying that if you want a reflective surface to check out your hair, don’t pick a police car to do it or every officer on duty will see what you have between your teeth.

Image: Facebook (Goody Feed)

The car boot is also very special and has technology which will alert officers if there are any missing “standard issue items”.

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Can the SAF do one up for our field packs too?

The Roof

Previously, police cars have blinkers, sirens and a public announcement system on the roof.

Now, it also has speakers with powerful bass and has space to slot a spotlight in so they can still find you in total darkness.

And if that’s not overkilling, some of the vehicles will also have “an integrated drone disruption function”.

We’re guessing it works like a drone gun that can shoot EM waves and kill drones that are flying nearby.

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Image: New Atlas

Not Built For Comfort

So, you’re thinking, if the outside’s improved, the inside should have too, right?

Well, it’s improved for sure; just not in terms of comfort for the passengers, at least.


The rear cabin of the vehicle has no leather seats or cushions.

It only has a hard surface for criminals to sit on.

The SPF explains that the benefits are two-fold:

  1. The criminals would not be able to hide anything within the cushions
  2. It’s easier to clean when there is vomit or sweat.

The seatbelts have also changed and police officers no longer have to reach across the prisoner to buckle them in which could potentially result in them being headbutted.

On the other hand, the driver cabin (which is meant for police officers) are made more comfortable.


The seats are designed in such a way that officers, with their standard equipment, can sit and drive comfortably for a longer period of time.

About 300 Will Be Deployed

According to the SPF, about 300 of these new vehicles will be “progressively” deployed across Singapore.

They will be used in Ground Response Force or neighbourhood police operations.

If you’re interested in seeing the new car in action, you can see them in the mobile column on 9 August 2020, National Day.

Here’s a video on how the car works:



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