SPF Post TikTok Video of Good-looking Policewomen for International Women’s Day


Thirst traps are plentiful on TikTok, but you wouldn’t expect one from the Singapore Police Force’s (SPF) official account.

For International Women’s Day, though, SPF posted a video of a few good-looking policewomen on TikTok, drawing thirsty comments from netizens and generating 3,265 likes in 13 hours.

@singaporepoliceforce Don’t let your childhood memes be dreams. #internationalwomensday #iwd #imjustakid #singaporepoliceforce #fyp #foryoupage #tiktoksg #safeguardingeveryday ♬ original sound – Singapore Police Force

Here’s all you need to know.

The Video Itself

The video features three policewomen clad in neatly-pressed uniforms, with the song “I’m Just A Kid” by Canadian pop-punk band Simple Plan playing in the background.

It follows closely to a TikTok trend using the same sound, usually offering a childhood throwback by reliving childhood memories. 

Each policewoman smiles for the camera and poses, before the video cuts to a picture of them as a child in a similar pose.

It’s tagged with #internationalwomensday and the SPF’s slogan #safeguardingeveryday.

It even features an iconic caption- “Don’t let your childhood memes be dreams.”

The Three Policewomen

Opening the video is INSP Stephanie Lim, a Ground Response Force Officer, who waves to the camera with a smile in a police car.

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

She then puts her hands on the wheel and poses, before the video cuts to a picture of her as a child holding a toy steering wheel.

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

Apart from the wildly different hairstyles, the similarity is striking. 

Next in line is SI Nurulhuda, a Public Communications Officer. It starts with her smiling (of course) while holding a yellow envelope, seemingly discussing something with someone off-camera. 

She passes the envelope to said person and poses with her hands on her laptop, looking into the camera. 

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

The scene then cuts to the kid version of her, holding out her hands similarly, but on top of a pillow this time. Looks like even pretty policewomen are subject to the never-ending corporate grind. 

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

Last up is SSS Yuvarani, a Ground Response Force Officer, who’s typing something at her desk. After a few seconds, she looks in the camera and flashes a small pout, a cheeky contrast from the previous bright smiles.

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

A picture of her as a child is then shown, where she’s pouting in the same fashion.

Image: TikTok (@singaporepoliceforce)

 The Comments Section

The comments are largely enthusiastic, with people expressing excitement, approval, or just… thirsting over the video.

A concerning number of people begged to be arrested, in true simp fashion.

Image: TikTok (@Dom Yjh)
Image: TikTok (@Shaquille_outmeal)

One even adds that they’ll supply handcuffs.

Image: TikTok (@myPeachesOutinGeorgia)

Maybe the video might even raise the crime rate:

Image: TikTok (@Hatake Kakashi)
Image: TikTok (@Follow me)

Someone even offers to sabo their friend (where’s the bro code??).

Image: TikTok (@username3348482837)

Others take a more “moral” route and decide they’d rather join SPF than be a criminal.

Image: TikTok (@Ed)
Image: TikTok (@Muthuman)

There’s no shortage of comments calling them beautiful either.

Image: TikTok (@Mohamed Feroze)

Some more “practical” netizens praise SPF’s marketing strategy, saying their marketing formula is on point.

Image: TikTok (@MTM)
Image: TikTok (@Keith Lee)

And lastly, a commenter posts something I think we can agree on, thanking the SPF for keeping the country safe. 

Image: TikTok (@CliqCliq74)