SPF Finally Started a TikTok Account & Even Responded to a Request

The Singapore Police Force safeguards every day – but they also meme and post TikTok videos every day. 

Our local police force have finally started their Tiktok account. With flashing red-and-blue lights and officers clad in full uniform, they announced their debut on the 20th of April with their first TikTok video.

@singaporepoliceforce Coming to your small screens soon. #foryoupage #singaporepoliceforce #safeguardingeveryday #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – Singapore Police Force

The account has also posted various clips of officers in action – making arrests in full gear, placing down crime markers, driving police motorcycles – all accompanied with the melodic tunes of viral TikTok audios, like the The Rock one that goes “it’s about drive it’s about power we stay hungry we devour….”

@singaporepoliceforce We are officially on TikTok! Follow our page for more exclusive content like this. 🔥 #singaporepoliceforce #safeguardingeveryday #faceoff #tiktoksg ♬ original sound – Singapore Police Force

They have also posted a video raising awareness about how the SPF impacts lives on a daily basis, intervening and reaching out to victims that commit crimes. 


Time for Fanservice

Recently, they’ve also listened to their audience and acceded to a rather strange request. 

“Can cast the stop thief guy I high-fiving him since secondary school,” a netizen commented, clearly eager to see his best friend featured on the Singapore Police Force’s TikTok account.

And the police force listened!

@singaporepoliceforce Reply to @doritosxdew – Will the real ‘shoptheft is a crime’ officer, please stand up. #singaporepoliceforce #safeguardingeveryday #tiktoksg #tiktokasked #tiktokrequest ♬ original sound – Singapore Police Force

Ryan Koh, the “stop thief guy” in question, came up personally to give a statement and show his face in front of his camera, right next to his iconic standee and thank the viewers for all the love they gave to SPF’s TikTok account.

He also gave a timely reminder, “Don’t be a victim of crime.”

The responses were immense, racking up almost 40k likes on Tiktok.

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Well, the renowned “most handsome” police officer has spoken! Shop theft is a crime, guys. Don’t do crime, and don’t fall for crime. Just go follow SPF’s Tiktok.

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Featured Image: Tiktok (@singaporepoliceforce)