SPF Uploads Dramatic Video of Officers Breaking into Sembawang Flat to Save Kid & It’s Cool AF


Hostage situations aren’t really that common in Singapore, especially with our well-trained Singapore Police Force (SPF). You would agree that our homeland takes crimes seriously, and our law is not to be messed with.

The Sembawang hostage has made headlines across all the news platforms over the past few days, and a dramatic video has been uploaded where officers breaking into the flat to save the kid.

Here’s why you shouldn’t mess with Singapore laws.

So, what happened before that?

2-year-old kid was locked in apartment by a man
The incident happened at Sembawang Drive, Block 462. A man had locked a 2-year-old kid and himself in the flat on Wednesday, 27 September. The man was believed to have had a dispute with the boy’s family before he locked the child in, but it’s unclear what actually happened.

Police were alerted of the hostage a day before
They were alerted of the hostage situation on Tuesday, 26 September around 6pm. Singaporeans woke up on 27 September only to realize the boy was still held hostage.

SPF had a 17-hour standoff with the man
SPF’s special operations command officers from the Ang Mo Kio Division, Crime Negotiation Unit (CNU) bashed in to the unit around 12.03pm on 28 September after a 17-hour standoff with the man, rescuing the trapped boy.  Kudos to the policemen for doing a great job and the successful mission!


SPF broke the aluminum-slatted windows
Of course, it wasn’t without drama: SPF managed to break the aluminum-slatted windows since it was the fastest way to get in when the man refused to open the door to the police.

SPF officers had also used a torch to cut through the metal grill door to ensure that they could get in to rescue the boy without him being harmed. The 17-hour standoff is believed to be one of the longest whereby CNU has been involved.

SCDF dispatched fire engines and ambulance
The Singapore Civil DefenCe Force also dispatched a fire engine, a red rhino, 2 fire bikes, an ambulance and 3 support vehicles to the scene in preparation of the rescue mission. The police had also advised the public to refrain from speculating the incident. A police cordon was also set up around the flat to keep the public away.

The man was arrested
The 35-year-old man who locked the boy in the flat was finally arrested for wrongful confinement, possession of a scheduled weapon and drug-related offences. The boy is safe and unharmed, and is currently in safe care.

The boy’s mother
It is reported that the boy’s mother had also been arrested at the scene for drug-related offences as well. She was a widow in her thirties and had 4 children, and she was allegedly romantically related to the suspect. The police believe that she was involved with the arrested man in a dispute before the boy was locked in the unit. This incident has definitely given some of us the creeps as to how such dangerous toxic love affairs can turn how to be.

And also, a reminder: test the system in Singapore, and you’ll face the consequences.

Featured Image: Facebook (Singapore Police Force)

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