S’porean Who Went Missing & Was Found While Hiking in Johor Forest Did Not Have a Permit to Enter Forest


There’s something about an ulu forest you’ve never been to before that just seems so warm and inviting right?


A 33-year-old Singaporean man was reported missing on Saturday (17 September) after he and his equally adventurous hiking partner embarked on a journey into a forest reserve at Hutan Simpan Panti Timur in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

A Search and Rescue Team was Dispatched

In a statement posted by the Kota Tinggi district police, the man by the name of Jason Ren Jie was alerted to be missing by the person who was hiking with him, a Malaysian man.

How this managed to lose his one and only hiking companion is beyond us actually. Doesn’t this seem like the kind of thing that would only occur in groups?

Anyway, the Batu Ampat police station proceeded to dispatch a search and rescue team to find Jason, and the entire operation also involved assistance from both the Forestry Department and the Malaysian Fire and Rescue Department.

May be an image of 2 people, tree and outdoors
Image: Facebook (Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi)

By nightfall, at around 11.30pm on Saturday, the team was still unable to find Jason. As the area became too dark, the search and rescue operation was suspended temporarily and postponed to the next day.

Member Of The Public Spotted The Missing Man

Alas, the manhunt was over by the afternoon of 18 September, after the police received a phone call at around 2.20pm from a person who claimed to have saw Jason around the 52km-mark of the Kota Tinggi-Mersing Highway.

The team was then sent out to the location, and that’s where they found Jason safe and sound.

Thankfully, he only suffered a few minor injuries and was well enough to flash a smile for the camera.

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Image: Facebook (Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi)
May be an image of 1 person, standing, tree and outdoors
Image: Facebook (Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi)

“Look ma, I’m alive.”

He received medical attention at the local hospital for his wounds.

Authorities added that Jason will be sent to the Forestry Department for further questioning as he had not obtained a permit to enter the forest reserve he got lost in.

I guess someone will be sticking to the good ol’ Bukit Timah Hill for their future hikes.

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Featured Image: Facebook (Polis Daerah Kota Tinggi)