Cakes Look So Much Like Sponges That You Must Use Them to Wash Your Dishes

Sponge cakes are a thing.


But sponge cakes that look like actual dish-washing sponges?

Now, that’s a whole different ball game.

Cakes Look So Much Like Sponges That You Must Use Them to Wash Your Dishes

On Tuesday (18 August), Facebook user Herman Huang shared images of sponge cakes on the highly popular Subtle Asian Traits Facebook Group.

Now, while that wouldn’t exactly come across as headline-worthy news, these images differ slightly from the norm in the sense that they bear a striking resemblance to…

Actual ‘dishwashing’ sponges.

Image: Facebook (subtle asian traits)

Yes folks, they’re cakes. And no, don’t use them to wash your dishes.

Crafted from a mixture of flour, eggs, sugar, butter, lemon juice and food colours, these sponges can actually pass for the real thing.

There’s also a ‘soap foam’ as well, which was made from lemon juice beat with sugar.

Image: Facebook (subtle asian traits)

Talk about an uncanny resemblance.

“When you wanna troll your mum or your partner by an edible dishwashing sponge cake,” the post captioned.

“I was successful.”

And considering how the final product turned out…

Image: Facebook (subtle asian traits)

I don’t think we have any reason to doubt his words.


Despite being posted just four days ago, the post has since garnered over 7.6K likes & reactions, as well as 2.4K comments.

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Netizens have also expressed their collective amazement, shock and disgust at the creation, all at the same time.

Image: Facebook (subtle asian traits)
Image: Facebook (subtle asian traits)

Well, when something manages to evoke such a conflicting mix of emotions at the same time…

You know it’s something special alright.

An Ongoing Trend

Apparently, Huang isn’t the first to create such perfect replicas of the classic dishwashing sponge.

Earlier in June, Alice Munro, a 52-year-old grandma from Tasmania went viral for her own deceptive sponge cakes.

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And she even went one step further, by creating the illusion of a dirty plate with a mix of vanilla cake mix, food colouring, buttercream, oreo and chocolate.


Also, several mukbangers have also created ASMR videos in which they munch on sponge cakes while making relatively pleasant noises.


You can even make your own edible sponge cake with this Youtuber’s easy-to-follow instructions!

Always wanted to troll your family… hard? Well…

I think there’s no better way to evoke a reaction than munching on a ‘dishwashing sponge’ chocked full of ‘soap foam’, with all the relish of a satisfied customer.


Though of course, you may run the risk of someone diving headfirst into you in panic, but with all things considered…

It’s probably worth it.


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