This Spooky Selfie Went Viral Overnight. Can You Tell Why?


Last Updated on 2017-05-28 , 12:02 pm

Sometimes you don’t need excessive paranormal CGI or lots of monsters to make a creepy photo. Sometimes the most innocuous photo can be incredibly creepy.

This photo is an example of the second type.

It got viral quick, with nearly 100k likes and 50k retweets so far, and it shouldn’t be too difficult to see why.

Oh, I’m not apologising for all the sleep you’re losing tonight.

Did you notice what’s wrong with the picture?


Go on, have a second look.

See the mirror in the top left corner of the photo? Does something seem off to you? Maybe the reflection facing you when it shouldn’t be?

The photo was captioned, “i love my girlfriend even if she’s a Gemini”, playing off the supposed attribute of people of that particular star sign, that of having two “faces” or personalities.

One of the reply tweets had an apt reaction.

Your reaction may have been similar, with varying degrees of pants-shitting terror. What is it about mirrors and normal faces that creep people out so much? And that smile. Jesus.

And to think people still have mirrors in their homes. I have already removed every single mirror from my house.

No demon ain’t getting me in my sleep.

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