S’pore Army Half-Marathon & SAFRA S’pore Bay Run Cancelled But It’s Not Because of Training Deaths

Image: Spacebib

To all my fellow marathoners out there, I have bad news for you.

This year, two highly-anticipated runs will be cancelled.

The Singapore Army Half-Marathon and the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run (though you can consider them as one run lah).

Yes, my dear NSFs, no more runs to train for the AHM. And no more running by the bay with the scene cityscape.

It’s Not Because of Safety Timeout

The Singapore Army announced on their Facebook page that they will be cancelling both iconic marathons this year.

And the reason, however, isn’t because of the recent deaths that happened in the SAF so far.

Instead, they put the SAFRA Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon on the backburner this year because they’re too busy with the Singapore bicentennial commemoration.

It was added that they’ve done the exact same thing back in 2015 when they had to support SG50 events.

But don’t be too disappointed, they’ll be reviewing to see if they can reinstate both runs.

In other words, if you’re disappointed at the cancellation, got chance.

Training Resume

Following high-profile actor, Aloysius Pang’s unfortunate demise during his reservist training, a safety timeout has been called from 23 Jan to 6 Feb.

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The Singapore Army formally announced that training has resumed back to normal levels.

In other words, for NSMen out there, the Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) is back in action.

That means you cannot use the timeout as an excuse to default on IPPT. Besides, according to one of our fat NSMan in the office, the RT sessions have been back for some time. Since Feb, if he’s to be believed.

Why The Army is Perfect For Helping Out With Bicentennial Celebrations

I get what you’re thinking: okay…helping out with bicentennial celebrations. Why?!

Aren’t they just supposed to deploy soldiers to help support our friendly men in blue on D-day?

Believe it or not, an army is more than just cheap soldiers. Back in 2015, they were tasked with planning the SEA games.

And one of our writers decided to highlight why the Singapore Army is perfect for the role.

Here’s the TL; DR in case you’re too lazy to read his full article:

They start off with a timeline

In almost any military planning, the army starts off with a detailed timeline. This timeline keeps track of the many events happening consecutively.

There will be many events that happen so quickly and simultaneously that a timeline keeps the entire group focused on what is the top priority.

Things are done to pinpoint military precision

There is a list of events that are supposed to happen and executed and that specific time. And the SAF is really, really particular about making it on time.

Remember rush to wait, wait to rush? They’ll get you there 15 minutes earlier so that you won’t be late.

The army always has a Plan B, C and even D

Nuff said.

So while you don’t have two marathons to look forward to, hey, at least you can be assured that the Singapore bicentennial celebrations are probably going to be well-executed.

Notice I didn’t say exciting, cuz the Singapore Army don’t do exciting unless it’s cohesion and there’s Tiger beer.