Singapore Attractions Looking To Locals For Business During Outbreak, Gives Free Room Upgrades & More

In case you haven’t heard, Singapore’s tourism industry is taking a big hit and Singapore attractions are now trying to find solutions.

According to the Singapore Tourism Board (STB), Singapore’s visitor arrivals is down by 20,000 daily on average.


And it’s not just because a lot of countries issued travel advisories against Singapore.

China tourists used to account for 1 in 5 travellers coming to Singapore. But with the travel restrictions against China coming into Singapore and a ban on travellers coming out of China, that number has dropped drastically.

Businesses who depend on tourists coming into Singapore are worried.

“It is inevitable the tourism industry is having a lull period with the coronavirus outbreak. We are hoping revenue loss will not exceed 30 per cent for the year.”

Which is why they are now looking inwards for customers.

Sentosa: Free Admission From 14-22 March 2020

Ever since the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak in Singapore last month, Sentosa has seen a 20 to 50 per cent drop in visitors.

That’s a lot.

A spokesperson for Sentosa told TNP that this move will give its guests a “much-needed getaway”.

After all, the best way to combat the COVID-19 virus is to stay out of air-conditioned rooms and get some hot, fresh air.

Where better and hotter than the beaches of Sentosa, right?

singapore attraction beach

And they’re not the only ones.

Staycation, Anybody?

Royal Plaza on Scotts is also running a staycation promotion for local residents.

They have free upgrades to premier rooms, all-day refreshments and even free breakfast for two pax.

Millennium Hotels and Resorts also said that they are pushing a Valentine’s Day package and has several staycation deals coming out.

And It’s Not Just Staycation Packages

You can expect more to come out of our friends in the tourism industry.

For example, hotel restaurants bringing back Don’t Say Bojio deals that’ll keep your stomach full and your wallet happy.

Businesses spoken to all said that they are implementing enhanced precautionary measures in place so that visitors can stay safe while enjoying themselves.