S’pore BMW Allegedly Chope Parking Lot In M’sia With Human Beings & Got Shamed Online

Image: Twitter

As if BMW drivers don’t have a bad enough reputation, am I right?

While Singapore and Malaysia have a constant friendly rivalry over food and currency rates, we are always one straw way from racism-filled arguments.

And I appreciate that the victim here, named Sumisha, made an effort to “not make it about race”.

The Chope Culture

Singaporeans love to chope stuff.

How many times have you been teased with an empty table at a kopitiam, only to see that there’s a pack of tissue on it?

But of course, you respect it. It’s our culture, and it’s just a table.

But you’d think these people would refrain from such behaviour overseas, especially when it involves a parking lot.

Parking Spot Chope-ing

In a series of tweets by Malaysian journalist Sumisha Naidu, she exposed how a Singaporean BMW driver sent a group of people to chope a parking spot in front of the Cow Brown Kafe in Petaling Jaya, Selangor and prevent her from using it.

Sounds ridiculous, right?

They even attempted to intimidate her and chase her off by claiming she’ll cause her a jam if she doesn’t move away.

As the Chinese saying goes, 恶人先告状.

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Translation: The wicked complains first

They also took a photo of her car for some reason.

Who are they gonna complain to? Unless they mean to send thugs after her like in movies.

They only budged when Sumisha took a photo of them in return, possibly afraid of social media backlash.

Well, a little too late.

After noticing that it was a Singaporean car, she noted the chope culture that’s pretty prominent in our country.

However, as I said earlier, she states that not all Singaporeans are the same and she doesn’t wish to make it about race.

In case you think otherwise, it’s not just a d*ck move, it’s illegal.

And Sumisha very kindly states it outright.

If you’re thinking about doing this in Singapore or anywhere else, please don’t.

Not the first time?

While reading this piece of news, you may find it kind of familiar.

This isn’t the first time someone has tried to chope a parking spot using an actual human.

Detailed in an article here by my colleague, a woman not only tried to chope the parking spot but also flipped a finger to the driver.

Singaporeans, am I right?

Oh, it’s not just Singaporeans?

You may remember this video going viral on social media a while back.

Well, let’s just say I would love to drive over them into the parking spot.

Just kidding, don’t stoop to their levels, and don’t commit any crimes in a fit of rage.

But seriously, just don’t anyhow chope things. Not cool.

Or you’ll just end up chope-ing a spot in jail.