S’pore Busker Auntie at Chinatown Is A Singer-Songwriter Who Worked With Famous Singers Like Andy Lau

Singapore might be an urban jungle with more scientists than artists (at least for now) but we do have our moments from time to time.

Like a lady busking at the exit of Chinatown MRT and sounding like an established singer.

Uploaded by Singapore Peasant Facebook page on Thursday, the video went viral with over 3.6k shares and 232,548 views at the time of writing.

And, if you watched the video, you’d understand why.

S’poreans Actually Stopped and Clapped

If there’s one thing to know about Singaporeans, we’re one of the worst audiences in the entire world when it comes to busking.

We’re so used to rushing from place to place that we don’t slow down for these artists on the side of the road.

That and we’re super reluctant to clap. Even for performances that are actually good.

But for this particular performance, you actually see Singaporeans standing and sitting around listening to the singer.

And the claps after.

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Singer Turns Out To Be An Established Singer-Songwriter

Nathan Hartono, JJ Lin, Stephanie Sun, it turns out we can now add another name to the list of singers that Singaporeans can be proud of:

48-year-old Tang Yuxuan, who sang a popular xinyao song called Xi Shui Chang Liu (细水长流).

She sang the popular song back in 1998 with Joi Chua and Cai Lilian.

Wrote and Sang Back Up Vocals For Famous Singers Like Andy Lau

Tang is also a songwriter who had written songs for singers like Andy Lau, Valen Hsu Ru Yun and Joi Chua.

Besides that, she had also been a backup singer for Andy Lau, Kit Chan and Stephanie Sun as well.

The ETC (闲杂人等)

Tang met two individuals who were as passionate in music as her: Tristan Ong (keyboard player in the viral busking video) and Joey Wee.

They got together to experiment with music every year.

Then, Ong suggested that they should try busking, and that’s how they formed their busking crew, The ETC (闲杂人等), in 2016.

Started in Orchard But Moved To The Heartlands

So there you are, wondering: if they’re busking, why don’t they do it at Orchard Road? Isn’t that the “best” place to be seen?

They’ve started out with that, actually.

But eventually decided that their songs are better received in the heartlands.


You Can Actually Follow Their Facebook Page For More Info

Want to watch them live? A fan of Tang and want to see her up close and personal?

Or just wanting to watch the latest Singapore internet trend with your own eyes?

Whichever it is, just go to their Facebook page because they update their page with where they’re going to perform at pretty much daily.


They even perform at events and weddings too.


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