S’pore Cab Driver Related His Encounter With a Tree Branch In Goody Feed Style

Too often we get assaulted, whether it’s with words, actions or gawd forbid, physical force.

But then we have to ask ourselves: how often do we actually fight back? Or for that matter, do we actually fight back?

Because this particular driver certainly did. And it wasn’t in typical fashion either, for he…

Grabbed the culprit square in the throat.

And proceeded to hurl the perpetrator away.

But here’s the thing: while in normal circumstances this might’ve (would’ve) qualified as a criminal act, this particular instance was slightly different.

In the sense that it was totally legal, appropriate and perhaps even a good deed.

Image: SayingImages.com


At first glance, Taxi Driver William Lee’s Facebook post seems to send off all the wrong intentions.

Having travelled in the direction of the Seletar Expressway at about 2:50 p.m., on 20 Oct, Mr Lee wrote in his post how his taxi was scratched, and how he ‘impulsively’ made a U-turn to square up to the “culprit”.

He then added that “the culprit was there mocking me, sitting by the kerb in the most disgusting manner” and that he had “grabbed the culprit by the throat”.

If you find yourself jerking back in horror at this point, you wouldn’t like what’s going to happen, as he…

Threw the “culprit” back on the ground, a few metres away.

Image: Giphy

But before you start exclaiming and grabbing your parents and friends and your neighbour Tom Perinsky The Fourth, calm down. For dashboard camera footage (that Mr Lee uploaded) has revealed the “culprit” to be…

A fallen tree branch.

You can watch the ‘incriminating evidence’ here:

Value-added comedy

In an interview with The Straits Times on Sunday (21 Oct), Mr Lee expressed that he had wanted to incorporate humour in his Facebook post, as a method to hook the attention of other road users. Additionally, in doing so, he wished to spread the message of road safety, and prompt motorists to practice empathy while on the road.

You know, kind of like Goody Feed: provide a piece of useful information and repackaging it with humour / entertainment, so it’ll “hook the attention of social media users”. #justsaying

The only difference? You can read everything he wrote, but in Goody Feed, you need to download their damn app to read everything since almost 80% of their new contents are exclusively in their app #IHateGoodyFeed

Here, take a look at Mr Lee’s post:

Image: Facebook Group (Singapore Taxi Driver)

“Taking the effort to remove possible road hazards like this tree branch is for the safety of other vulnerable road users like motorcyclists,” said Mr Lee, who has been with taxi operator ComfortDelGro for about two years.

Which makes sense, considering how other cars might drive over the branch and cause debris to fly out, thereby injuring pedestrians or bystanders.

“It doesn’t take much time to avert serious accidents. So I did it,” he said.

But he also advised other motorists to watch out for loose hanging branches from trees if they ever need to do so.

“The branch (that fell on the road) felt heavy in my hand and I shudder to think what may happen if it had fallen onto someone standing under the tree,” he said.

Incidentally, he had immediately switched lanes after seeing the tree branch fall, but it was too late. As a result of the altercation, his taxi was left with a distinct scratch on the lower left. So yeah, he felt the need to warn other motorists, instead of prioritising his own damages.

Whoever said that superheroes have to wear capes?

Image: Comic Vine


As I mentioned earlier on, Mr Lee had added humour to his post in an attempt to engage the attention of other road users.

And it seems that it worked. Like a charm.

Facebook users, upon catching his joke, began praising Mr Lee for his actions. But that’s not all.

Mr Lee wasn’t the kind to leave them hanging. 

“Thank you to those who approve my actions to deal with this type who pose danger to other road users (sic),” Mr Lee wrote.

Kudos Mr Lee

They say that superheroes exist only in movies. But I disagree. I mean;

Aren’t there many superheroes in the world right now, doing what Mr Lee just did or more?

Sure, they might not’ve powers. They might not wear capes. And they don’t go around saying ‘weeeeeee’. But let’s face it.

They encapsulate the very aspect of heroism, and honestly…

Isn’t that what heroes are all about?