Riders at S’pore Checkpoint Give Way to Johor Man Whose Wife is Giving Birth

Were you thinking of taking a trip across the Causeway for some lok lok?

Here’s a tried-and-tested way to beat the jam at the Singapore checkpoints: paste a sign on your vehicle saying that your wife is in labour.

Johor Man’s Wife in Labour; Riders at Singapore Checkpoint Give Way to Johor Man

On Wednesday (31 May), a man queuing at the Singapore checkpoint found himself on the Facebook group “Geng Motobike Kerja Singapore” after catching the eye of many others crossing the Causeway.

No, it wasn’t because he got into a helmet fight with someone else on the Causeway.

It was because the back of his bike had a rather unusual sign. The sign read: “Please give way; my wife is in labour”.

Image: Facebook (Geng Motobike Kerja Singapore)

This wasn’t just a trick up the sleeve of the 31-year-old man, who stays in Johor, to beat the queue at the Singapore checkpoints.

According to China Press, the 31-year-old, a swimming pool maintenance officer, was at work when he suddenly received a call from his wife in the evening.

It wasn’t just a cheesy call to check in on him—it was a call informing him that she was entering the delivery room and was about to give birth. His wife was originally due on 6 June.

Talk about a turn of events.

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The 31-year-old quickly left work and rushed back to Johor Bahru—but not without preparing the sign first.

Knowing it was peak hour at the checkpoints, the 31-year-old’s colleagues suggested he attach a sign on his bike requesting riders at the Singapore checkpoint to give way to him.

The 31-year-old printed the sign on white paper with red font so other riders could easily see it at the checkpoint.

Surprisingly, the idea worked. Other riders at the Singapore checkpoint saw the sign and decided to give way to him, allowing him to arrive just in time at Hospital Sultanah Aminah in Johor Bahru to be with his wife.

A heartwarming story, indeed.

Johor Man Managed to Clear Singapore Checkpoint in 30 Minutes Instead of the Usual Hour

Most of us are no strangers to the snaking queues and long waiting times at the checkpoints, be it the Singapore or Malaysia checkpoints.

The 31-year-old shared with China Press that while it usually takes him an hour to clear the Singapore checkpoint, he could clear it in half the time that day thanks to the riders who gave way to him.

That means he only took 30 minutes to get through the checkpoint. Remember, this was during the evening peak hour—what a feat.

The Johor man also thanked all the riders who gave way to him because of the sign.

On the post in the “Geng Motorbike Kerja Singapore” Facebook group, the 31-year-old’s wife commented: “This is my husband. May God bless him for making it in time. I have safely given birth to our child, and he arrived during my contractions. Thank you to all who prayed for us.”

Image: Facebook (Geng Motorbike Kerja Singapore)

Thanks to the graciousness of the riders at the Singapore checkpoint, the 31-year-old could be present for the birth of the couple’s sixth child, a baby girl.

With a story this sweet, you won’t need sugar in your kopi for the next week.