S’pore Food Stall That Gives Free Food to the Needy Saved an Elderly After He Didn’t Collect His Meal

People might know Singapore as a fast and cutthroat society, but out there, there are people doing their part for the community.

One of which is Mummy Yummy.

Image: Facebook (Mummy Yummy Singapore)

They’re a vegetarian food hawker at Shenton House.

Image: Google Maps via MustShareNews

And for the past few years, they have been doing their part for society.

One of which is to offer a discreet 50% discount to cleaners and housekeepers working in the Central Business District area.

To redeem, they only had to wear their uniforms.

Nice, especially when you consider everything there is really expensive.

And They’ve Hit The News Again

But they do more than just give discounts to people working in the area.

Check out their Facebook page and you’ll realise they’re really going all out in helping the needy in Singapore.

One of their services includes delivering free food straight to the needy.

And on 27 Oct 2019, they shared their story about Grandpa Raja.

Grandpa Raja is an 85-year-old man who lives alone in his flat. He seldom leaves his home and do not mingle often with his neighbours.

Every day, he will sit at his door waiting for the kind folks from Mummy Yummy to deliver his food.

At night, he doesn’t close his doors as he’s afraid that if he passes away, no one would know.

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Grandpa Raja Didn’t Collect His Food

When the folks at Mummy Yummy realised he did not collect his food, they were concerned.

They took note of him and went on their business.

But after the third day, they called the police.


The police conducted their checks and the SCDF were called in to break into the flat.

The elderly man was not in his home and the officers assured the people from Mummy Yummy that they’ll search for him.

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Six hours later on the very same day, they received a phone call from Grandpa Raja, thankfully, safe and sound.

Grandpa Raja had apparently gone out. However, he didn’t have the money to take the bus home and had to walk instead.


He did not dare ask for money from strangers as he did not want to be arrested and his mobile phone died on him.

The police officers managed to locate him and send him home in a police car.

It’s Not For Humble Bragging

So, you ask, what is the purpose of putting out this post?

Is it to humblebrag?

Image: quickmeme

They want to raise awareness about the vulnerable Singaporeans living around us and urge for more to be done for them.


They also wanted to prove a point to people who asked why they went the long and troublesome route of delivering the free food directly to them.

And it’s things like these that keep them going.

Image: Giphy

Now that is what I call giving back to society.

And stay healthy for a long time, Grandpa Raja!

You can find Mummy Yummy’s Facebook page here.



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