S’pore GrabFood Rider’s Customer Gives Rider Mee Goreng & Texts Reminder To ‘Ride Safely’

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)


The tension between parties who support the PMD ban and those who oppose the ban have become pretty obvious on social media. It’s not so much of a pretty sight.

The group in question? Our trusty food delivery men and women.

Here, you can watch our video on the PMD ban and see how it has impacted the people who depended on it for their livelihoods.

They don’t really deserve the hate. They’re merely trying to make ends meet just like the rest of us.

Image: The Online Citizen

It’s unfortunate how some people have resorted to extreme measures for the hell of it.

It’s truly heartwarming to see acts of goodwill in the midst of conflict.

A fine example was demonstrated by a woman who left her Grabfood rider reassuring messages and a Tupperware of Mee Goreng. A true silver lining!

Image: Make A Gif

How sweet!

Safety Comes First

The rider, known by her Twitter handle @Hyqaaaaaaaa, took screenshots of the heartwarming conversations between her and the customer.

The images were accompanied by the caption, “There is still some kind soul out there. Bless you and your family.”

On the ‘Note from Customer’ segment of the order, it is seen that the customer emphasised on her safety with a reminder.

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)

“Hey there, always remember safety come first. So ride/scoot safely”

Further exchanges also suggest that the customer had packed a Mee Goreng for the rider! It’s not often that we see such acts by a kind samaritan. It’s almost god-sent.

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)

As of 12 November, the tweet has garnered over 1.8K retweets and 2.2K likes from netizens.

An Act of Kindness and Generosity

The last image in the gallery showed the rider holding up a blue container of Mee Goreng at the void deck.

That’s a very generous portion… And a pretty neat container. It’s already rare that the customer packed lunch for her rider. She also added in a bonus container! Now that’s generous.

Image: Twitter (@Hyqaaaaaaaa)

We can all learn from this customer right here. It doesn’t need to be big and extravagant actions. It could be as small as leaving small messages to remind your riders to keep themselves safe!

A little kindness goes a long way.

Image: Tenor

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