S’pore JC Kid Say ‘No Studying’ Signs at Coffee Bean Discriminates Against Students; Either a Strawberry or a Troll

The older generation says the younger generation is getting increasingly self-entitled. But is that the truth or is it a broad generalisation?

Could it be that because of a few incidents in Singapore by the younger generation, the rest of them are labelled as strawberries (i.e. self-entitled kids)?

Just like this one incident.

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JC Kid Says ‘No Studying’ Signs a Discrimination

Starbucks and coffee houses are increasingly plagued with the Student Syndrome.

It’s a phenomenon where students get a cup of coffee and settle down to study or chill the entire day.

While these places are usually more than happy to accommodate such students (I mean, which one looks better, an empty cafe or a bustling one?), the problem is that during peak hours, paying customers aren’t able to find seats for themselves.

Which was why coffee houses in Singapore started coming up with signs like these.

Image: shadowalice / Shutterstock.com (Image is obviously for illustration purpose only, ‘coz who in their right mind study with physical books nowadays? So bad for Instagram)

According to a STOMP article, a JC kid took offence to these signs.

The 17-year-old student was studying at a Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf outlet at Compass One when he noticed the sign.

“I feel that the sign is actually discriminatory against students, especially when the peak period for customers is on (even during the national exam period).”

He felt that the cafe should remove this sign from their premises.

Oh yeah, FYI, the earth apparently spins for this guy.

He Wasn’t Turned Away, Actually

So here’s the thing where things get a bit weird.

Now, if you were trying to find a place to study and was thrown out (figuratively) by the staff, you can complain.

But he said he wasn’t turned away by the staff. In fact, he saw other students studying at the outlet as well.

When asked for a better solution, he said that The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf should remove the ‘no studying’ signboards in all outlets.

“Especially when there are not enough seats available for students there or at other food shops or restaurants.”

The Internet Reacts

Given that he wasn’t thrown out for studying and yet, was so eager to use the discrimination card against signs in a business place, netizens were not amused.

Plus, the “better” solution he came up with reeked of self-entitlement so they were more than happy to let loose with their opinions in the comments section.

There are those who just want to emphasise that coffee houses aren’t for students to study.

Some thought the student should’ve thought for the business as well.

One decided to explain the unhappiness against students at coffee places.

A person tried to play peacemaker.

And one explained that it’s not exactly discrimination.

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P.S: The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf actually have a corporate rule against students studying in their outlets.

But the rule isn’t enforced unless there’s a huge crowd. Then, students will be asked to leave to make space for paying customers.

So at the end of the day, we can say that The Coffee Bean And Tea Leaf’s the real winner.

After all, this saga showed that the coffee chain has the empathy and objectivity to find a solution that compromises between two unhappy group of people.

Unless, of course, the Stomper is just trolling the internet.

Which, come to think of it, is pretty legit: anyone who’s been on the Internet would know that there would be a backlash for such statement. Who in the right mind would post something like that?

Hmm…unless… 😀

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