S’pore Lady Lives at Changi Airport for Eight Years Because She Rented Out Her Three-Room Flat


A 50-year-old woman, as hard to believe as it sounds, has been living in Changi Airport for 8 years ever since the financial crisis in 2008.

As she was affected the financial crisis, to overcome her financial issues, she rent out her 3-room Housing Development Board(HDB) flat and moved out to Changi Airport, which she intended to be a few days’ stay.

However, her few days stay turned out to be an eight-year stay. Now, she has a trolley full of clothes, food, toiletries and other necessities.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, she finds it quite convenient to be staying at the airport as there are showers, free wifi, supermarket, and she eats at the food court in the airport. She also mentioned that she does not feel lonely as there are many people in the airport every day who come and go.

By renting out her flat, she receives a monthly rental income of more than $1,000 and thus, is not in financial difficulty. According to her, she has the intention to sell her 3-room flat and buy a 2-room flat instead as she wishes to have a permanent place to live in.

The Changi Airport Group said that when its ground staff see people who live in the Airport overnight, they would approach them for inspection. Usually, they would contact the Ministry of Social and Family Development if the individual needs assistance.

Also, the woman is not the first and only woman who lives in Changi Airport: There are also allegedly other people living in the airport, including a couple who “co-habit” there.

According to Lianhe Wanbao, aAnother man in his 60s also lives at the airport. He has a rental flat in Beach Road but he fell out with his roommates. Thus, he started living in the airport recently to avoid his roommate. He also said that he prefers living in air-conditioned places on hot nights.

I guess our airport is just too good to resist, no?

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