S’pore Maid Feeds Rice Mixed With Her Urine & Menstrual Blood To Employer’s Family

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What would you do to be treated well or to escape being punished? Would you throw a coin into a fountain and make a wish?

Or perhaps, if you’re a little more creative, you would mix your urine, saliva and menstrual blood into your boss’s lunch to spin some voodoo on him.

Say what.

S’pore Maid Feeds Rice Mixed With Her Urine & Menstrual Blood To Employer’s Family

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No, no, no. Just no.

A maid decided that it would be a good idea to mix her urine, saliva and menstrual blood into rice and water, before serving it to the family she was working for.

That’s not the end of her ‘crimes’ though, she also stole a total of $13,300 from her employer’s safe between August 2017 and June 2018.

For her actions, the 30-year-old Indonesian national, Diana, was sentenced to six months and seven weeks in jail.

She pled guilty to two counts of mischief and one count of theft. A fourth charge was taken into consideration.


Mixed Bodily Fluids Into Employer’s Food

The maid was working for a family of six comprising of three generations.

In August 2019, she mixed some of her urine, saliva and menstrual blood into the water in the kettle with the knowledge that her family would drink it.

And drink it they did.

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Deputy Public Prosecutor Angela Ang said that Diana believed that “the family would come to agree with whatever the accused did and would not scold her for her work performance” if she did this.

It wasn’t just her urine in the kettle of water. She also mixed her.. fluids into the rice she cooked for the family, which they eventually ate.

Stole From Employer

Besides getting creative with her bodily fluids, she also stole from her employer one year before.

Her employer received a monthly allowance of $3,300 from her husband and her three daughters which was kept securely in a locked safe inside her bedroom.

The maid knew about the locked safe because she was tasked with cleaning her employer’s room.

But how did she break into the locked safe you ask?

Well, she observed as her employer keyed in a passcode to unlock her iPad. She tried the same password for the safe, and surprise, surprise, it worked.

This is why we need to have different passwords for different things…

She stole cash from the safe five times and asked someone else to remit the money home to Indonesia.

Later, the helper revealed her actions to her employers who subsequently made a police report on October 2019.

Maid Apologised

The maid also apologised for her actions and said that she was a divorcee.

“I only have one child and my mother is ill and aged,” she said. “I am the breadwinner. I am staying in remand for two months and I cannot work.”

She added that she had not committed any crime in Indonesia and apologised to her employers “from the bottom of my heart”.


For theft in dwelling, she could have been jailed up to seven years and fined.

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