S’pore Man Who Lost $12,350 to a Scam Left Netizens to Wonder if the Story is Real

A story popped up on STOMP about how a man named John was scammed out of a whopping $12,500. 

It all started with a Playstation 4

What will you think if you see a Playstation 4 selling for $350 on Carousell? Some will be wondering what’s wrong with it, but not John.

He jumped on the deal immediately and purchased one cheap Playstation for himself. Unfortunately, he decided to get a refund after repeated delays in delivery.

The seller promised a full refund and an additional $100 for the inconvenience caused.

Seller needed money to refund all his customers

When he met up with the seller, he realised that the seller wasn’t going to refund him his promised cash.

The seller claimed that he had no money for the refund, not to mention the additional $100 promised to John, and said he had to borrow $2,000 to refund other buyers.

Feeling extremely empathetic, John decided to lend him a whopping amount of $12,000 to the seller to pay off other buyers first. 

He later found out that there was no supplier and he was scammed.

The internet reacts

Some were wondering if the story is true.

Image: stomp.com.sg
Image: stomp.com.sg

While others just wanted to meet someone like John.

Image: stomp.com.sg

So what do you think? Too kind to be true?