S’pore Man Saves Girl From Another Man Who Touched Himself On The Bus

I was trying to add in a joke about the weird shit you can see in the New York subways, but then saw something amazing and had to drop that joke.

Image: Reddit user u/Nazulle

Outward facing train seat in Japan guys. Isn’t that amazing? Look at beautiful scenery while travelling, instead of the ugly seat in front of you.

Wait, trains are moving pretty fast. Will they get motion sickness? Can they even appreciate the scenery properly? Why haven’t I seen this in anime?

As much as I would like to say that’s the topic to be covered in this article, not everybody will have nice scenery in their public transport.

Man Seen Touching Himself On The Bus

The original videos can be found on the Twitter thread first posted on 2 Jul 2019 by Kurt Mikhail.

In case you can’t read the tweet, he posted:

‘if y’all see this shit contact the police immediately and separate the victim from the person. it’s disgusting i had to witness it first hand but im glad my mum raised me to not just sit and watch when these things happen. don’t ever think twice about helping someone in need.’

Along with a video of another male staring at something and doing what can only be described as beating his little brother into submission. What wasn’t shown in the video was a girl that the male was implied to be looking at.

Kurt proceeded to alert the bus driver and made sure to keep the victim and the male away. It seemed like his friends who were with him took some videos of what happened later, though these were posted to Kurt’s Twitter:

‘he kept trying to leave and the girl was srsly damn frightened sia’

Kurt can be seen standing in front of a hidden person in yellow shirt (probably the girl), while the male who engaged in hand to gland combat can be seen facing the bus driver before turning around, probably trying to explain himself.

I can’t imagine what explanation would work here though. “I was staring into space behind and shaking my Digivice D-3”?

As they waited for the police, it seemed like the plan was to trap the male on the bus.

we had to forcefully keep him in the bus like damn annoying he keep trying to break the door or some shit

Without any possible excuse, the male tried to leave the bus by forcibly opening the door. Another dude in office wear can be seen in the video stopping him from trying to go out.

Of course, the girl managed to get off the bus away from the male:

so like i damn bored we got the girl off the bus and still waiting for the police to arrive and take over then my friends kept disturbing me from outside the bus

The police later arrived and handled everything later. The girl’s family even came down and thanked Kurt.


in the end police arrived and handled the situation. unfortunately I’m not sure whether the police followed up w the guy or not but the girl’s family came down and thanked me for helping them. the girl felt a lot better after the situation was dealt w and i’m glad she’s okay

Overwhelmingly positive reactions

So… for the people who hesitate to act whenever shit happens: there are people who appreciate the actions, don’t be shy. You’ll help to create a safer environment, and people won’t think that you’re being kaypoh.

Image: theloop.com

Just look at the overwhelming positivity here:


If everyone was like you, i wouldnt have to go through such a painful journey as a victim of sexual harrassment. Please dont stop doing this. Like ever.

Your mom would be soo proud of having you as her son! ✨ keep it up! The world need more people like you.



Omg, i am so so so happy you actually stopped & helped the girl out. The idea of just letting this man go & him possibly doing this over and over again just terrifies me. People like them are mentally ill and in need of help. I am so glad the girl is fine. You did a great job!!

Male might be mentally ill

Talking about mental illness, some raised concerns if the male was indeed mentally healthy.

Image: Mothership Facebook

It’s unknown if this is really the same autistic male who was masturbating on the MRT in September 2018.

But because I like my rainbows and sunshine instead of hearing there’s possibly a mental health epidemic, here’s a random gif of a cat:

Image: Giphy

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