S’pore Man Trained Like Anime Hero One Punch Man For 30 Days & Got Crazy Results

Whoever said that animes will never be a reality?

As a resident anime fan, I remember constantly getting irked by others who judge my decision to invest myself in anime, insisting that it is all “2D (two-dimensional)”.

To all the other like-minded souls out there, it is time to prove them wrong.

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I’m pretty sure that One Punch Man is considered one of the classic action animes in the otaku (no offence intended) community, amongst Dragon Ball, Naruto and Bleach.

For those who are completely clueless at this point, here is a visual of the character that we will be analyzing today:

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Yes, we will be judging every crevice of Saitama’s abs and biceps.

That Perfect Body

I would say that this figure is the stuff of fantasies, but we have all come across bodybuilders with the same muscles. Many of us have probably wondered at their chiselled form; what exactly do these workout monsters do to look like that?

According to Saitama, the answer is simultaneously as simple as it is impossible: 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups,100 squats, 10km run. Every. Single. Day. 

Of course, only monsters are able to accomplish a monster’s workout to look like a monster.

Or is it?

Introducing, Sean Seah

But an ordinary Singaporean guy took up the challenge. Investor Sean Seah took to Facebook on February 10 to announce his decision to train like the anime superhero for 30 days, encouraging others to follow his lead.

Invest in it, he did.

Here is a visual of his form before the workout:

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Admittedly, he did not attempt the level 10 workout at the very start, which was Saitama’s routine.

Instead, from day 1 to day 16, he conquered level 5 of the workout, which is half the number of each exercise Saitama did.

For the average person who doesn’t work out (like me), that itself is already an amazing feat.

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But Sean Seah wasn’t stopping until he got the results that he wanted. Unsatisfied with the stagnant change in his body, he decided to take it further to challenge level 7 on day 16.

But lo and behold, investors like him fancy going all out: level 7 was increased to level 9 on day 22, and a day later, he reached level 10. From there, he managed this level until the end of the challenge.

To refresh your memory, a level 10 workout constitutes 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats and a 10km run.

Source: gfycat

Result Day

For all that arduous journey, to us Singaporeans, it is probably still the end results that matter. So did he turn out to be a replica of One Punch Man?

Image: Screengrab from Sean Seah Video

I’d say that he’s certainly pretty close! This is a win for the otaku community; apparently, anime is not as unrealistic as it seems after all.


Now, when you see results like that, you’ll probably go, you go on diet, is it?


He ate like a normal human being. The only thing he cut down on is snacks and stayed away from carbs and sugar.

Here, You Can Watch The Full Video Below:

I have come across many a supposed challenge videos where the challenger decidedly missed a few days in the name of work.

The fact that Sean Seah was dedicated to the challenge irrespective of the long hours and rigorous routine made his feat even more outstanding.


While only a handful will have the time to fit a superhero routine into their everyday lives, I believe that there is certainly more to learn from Seah’s approach on the challenge than the amazing figure that he has achieved.

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