McDonald’s Pyjamas Set Launch Causes App & Site To Crash; People Are Reselling a Set at $165

Some of you guys are probably reading the title and going, “What.”

Image: Giphy

I am literally the chicken in the gif by the way.

Not for the fact that Macs has a pyjama set, I kind of glanced over that once.

It just seems a little weird to me that people want to wear a burger and fries on themselves.

Ok, so that judgement ends here, but I’m still surprised at the ensuing chaos.

Mc-Server Crash

In case some of you haven’t seen the pyjama set, take a look below.

Image: McDonald’s Singapore

My above point still stands, but this isn’t about me.

McDonald’s released it on 7 October, fairly recently as of this period.

But I think Macs might have not done the math so well because limited-edition plus Singaporeans usually equals to craze.

How crazy? Well…

This was at 6.55 pm on 8 Oct 2019, so many expectations were on them to solve the problem as fast as they could considering the size of the corporation.

Well (part two)…

If our everyday commuting is any indication, Singaporeans don’t take that kindly to heavy traffic.

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Online or offline.

Armed with keyboards and smartphones, some people got to ‘work’.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

Harsh, going straight for the staff members, huh?

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

Well, I’d be pretty annoyed if I couldn’t get my order after waiting for so long too.

Some people don’t just leave comments, some leave a mini storytelling session.

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Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

And if you’re familiar with what we call the snowball effect, sometimes things just keep rolling until it gets thicker than a McFlurry.

Or I guess in this case, the McFlurry effect?


People Are Reselling

I told you that the fiasco never ends.

In a giant moment of oof, one Facebook user even reported that people were already reselling the product on sites like Carousel.

Posted by Jason Ho on Monday, 7 October 2019

This kind of people really spoils the market.

And what the heck, did I just see someone reselling for $165?


Bro you want to profit must also be a bit smart.

Little Cheers

Like the bits of oreo scattered on the McFlurry, even bleak situations have sprinkles of good hope.

Down below, I managed to sieve a bit of fun, constructive criticism from a Facebook user.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

Man, I actually almost forgot about the Hello Kitty Craze! Seemed like so long ago too.

Cue traumatic flashbacks of a row of aunties as I just try to buy a cheeseburger.


In fact, it seems some people actually managed to still get a hold of one after much persistence.

Image: Facebook (McDonald’s Singapore)

Some of the replies to this were a little like the fries, so you can go check it for laughs.

And by like fries, I meant salty.

I understand maybe Macs could’ve handled it better by straight-up saying the items were sold out, but people need to chill on the rage sometimes.

It’s not called limited edition for nothing, you know.

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