S’pore Mother Filmed Caning Daughter in Public Apologises, Says She’ll Go Counselling

A woman who was filmed caning her daughter in public stepped forward to apologise after the video went viral. 

She wrote a letter to the media conveying her apologies and promised to seek counselling.

She explained that even though she is a strict mother, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her kids.

Here is the video for those who hasn’t seen it before:

In her letter, she has also explained the events leading to the situation caught on film at Jurong West on 16 May 2017.

Discovered Her Daughter To be Lying to Her

She said that her daughter was discovered lying to her. 

Her daughter had a lot of empty worksheets from tuition classes. When she asked her daughter about them, her daughter said that those “were questions that teacher did not ask her to do”.

It was discovered after that her daughter frequently used this method to get out of doing homework. 

She mentioned that she didn’t hit her child but decide to monitor her closely instead.

The last straw came when her daughter’s marks dropped for three of her tests.

When she saw that the third paper was full of “glaring” mistakes, mistakes she was sure her daughter would catch if she’d checked her work, she lost her temper.

“During the car ride back to my mother’s house, all these episodes ran across my mind and I just exploded,” said the woman. – Straitstimes.com

She told her daughter she had to be caned once so that she’ll learn her lesson: To be honest and to check her work carefully.

Husband Reluctant But Lets Mother Do Her Job

She mentioned in her letter that her husband was initially reluctant to cane the daughter but decided to let her mete out the punishment. 

Her daughter refused to be caned and tried to siam the caning.

When the husband realised that they were practically airing their dirty laundry in public, he allegedly stepped in and caned the girl four times, a few of which missed her because she ran away.

They then talked to the girl after she placed her bag in the car. 

She explained that the reason why she decided to discipline her daughter in public was because her grandparents would not let her cane her child at home. 

The woman ended off her letter by saying that she will seek counselling for her parenting and disciplinary methods.

And to re-emphasise that while she is thankful for netizens’ concern, her children are not abused. 

“This is a family discipline case, not child abuse. If you are really concerned about our children, please give us the space,” she wrote – straitstimes.com


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Feature Image: straitstimes.com

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