S’pore Pedestrian Crossing Amazed Foreigners For Its Ability To ‘Customise’ Crossing Time For Elderly & The Disabled

Image: Creative Ideas

My uncle schmoopy once told me, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Of course, the fact that he was digging through my dad’s drawers when he said that didn’t exactly impress me.

Although it doesn’t make what he says any less true.

There are some things in Singapore we take for granted that others will be envious at.

Like our pedestrian crossings.

Image: Giphy

Foreigners Amazed at S’pore Pedestrian Crossing

I’m pretty sure you’ve seen all these around Singapore.

Image: LTA

Here’s how they operate:

If you’re an elderly or disabled, tap your card at the reader above the normal pedestrian crossing button and you’ll be given extra time before the red man comes back on.

We all know how they work.

And to be fair, I doubt 99% of Singaporeans reading this article will find this particular device special.

Or innovative.

Or praise-worthy, even.

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But then, a photo of this beauty got leaked out to the whole wide world (www).

One Man’s Trash is Another Man’s Treasure

On 3 Mar 2019, Facebook page Creative Ideas uploaded a picture of a Singapore’s pedestrian crossing with the following caption:

Image: Creative Ideas

*Cue praises*

Non-Singaporeans who saw the post were quick to heap their praises on the post.

Like how the entire world should have this invention. Maybe we should simply patent it?

Some felt that this device would be great in their own countries.

While others were clearly jealous.

But not all the comments are the good sort.

Is This Really S’pore?

Singapore might’ve gained some fame by hosting the first, historic meeting between a US president and the leader of North Korea, but that doesn’t mean everybody knows about us.

Which explains why some people are reluctant to believe that the photo was really taken in Singapore.

So much so that some Singaporeans are demoralised.

Others wondered about the feasibility of having older people take out their concession passes from their wallets.

By the way, here’s how the pedestrian crossing work.

Instead of simply pressing the button to turn the green man on, the elderly and disabled have to tap their concession passes which will give them extra time to cross.

They can tap the card at any one time.

If you tap your card when the traffic light is red, the next time the green man comes on, he’ll stay around longer.

And one was convinced that the image was photoshopped.

But the MVP of MVP comment is actually this:


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