S’pore Telcos’ Prices for New iPhone Out & They’re Still High-SES Prices

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Here’s something to shock you: back in the days when MRT did not break down regularly and people were happy every day, our monthly mobile plan cost about, say, $29.

We were then complaining about the lack of SMSes, because how can 500 SMSes be enough for us?! We needed to send Christmas messages to 300 friends during Christmas Eve!

Then, somehow, the Internet took over, and the average monthly bill for our mobile phone is at $70. That yet we didn’t complain.

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I mean, yes, we can still opt for the $40 plan, but the bill is going to be $80 when it comes because who in their right mind can survive with 2GB of data #firstworldproblem #justsaying

I’m ranting because I just suddenly realized that when I was checking the price plan for the new iPhones, the plan that I looked at is the $70 plan, like it’s the plan everyone’s going for.

But anyways.

Telcos Have Come Out with the Price Plans for New iPhones and It’s Still Crazy

We all should know by now that the new iPhone cost more than an arm and an leg: it costs everything you have.

So, would the price still look super-high-SES if you recontract?


Turns out that on average, you might still need to fork out a cool thousand dollars even if you’re willing to sign two years of your life away for $70 a month.

Because iPhone.

Here are the price plans for iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max.


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iPhone XS

Image: singtel.com

iPhone XS Max

Image: singtel.com

For a $68.90 plan, you’ll need to fork out $1,108 for a 256GB iPhone XS, or $1,238 for the 256GB iPhone XS Max.


Image: Tang Yan Song / Shutterstock.com

iPhone XS

Image: starhub.com

iPhone XS Max

Image: starhub.com

For a $68 plan, you’ll need to fork out $1,103 for a 256GB iPhone XS, or $1,242 for the 256GB iPhone XS Max.


Image: Tang Yan Song / Shutterstock.com

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max

For a $70 plan, you’ll need to fork out $1,065 for a 256GB iPhone XS, or $1,205 for the 256GB iPhone XS Max.

While it’s the cheapest, you’ll have to come out with an additional $1.10 or $2 monthly compared to the other telcos, though given the amount of data, it’s pretty worth it.

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How About Samsung Note 9?

We can’t end his article without talking about its main competitor, if not we’ll be called an Apple fanboy.

I understand that it’s like comparing Apple with Orange (pun totally intended), but at least you’ll get some idea of the prices here.

For the $70 plan, Singtel offers the 512 GB Note 9 at $898, StarHub at $899 and M1 at $748.

In other words, it’s below $900.


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