S’pore, Together with Italy, has The Most Number of Female CEOs


If you’re shocked by the headline, I’ve a bad news for you: you might be sexist.

From what I gather, female CEOs or bosses are as common as an influencer throwing back her Thursday every Thursday: they’re everywhere.

In fact, a person could be a CEO by registering for a company and printing a name card, with the total cost of less than $300.

But if you’re indeed sexist that think that the person sitting in that big office room should be a guy instead of a long-haired fellow wearing a skirt, then let this news surprise you even more.

15% of CEOs in Singapore Are Females

In other words, if your office building has 100 offices, 15 of them have a female as the CEO.

According to a global survey conducted by the Credit Suisse Research Institute, that’s the highest figure in the world. The only country that ties with us is Italy.

However, do note that the survey merely look at 3,000 companies in 56 countries.

The next country in the list is Thailand, with 9% female CEOs followed by the Philippines at 8%.

Our neighbour Malaysia is at #23, with, erm, 0% of female CEO based on their sample size of 42 companies, but with 29% female CFO.

23% of Females in Singapore are in Management

Okay, so we’ve many CEOs, but how about women in management?

After all, one can be a CEO if you’re rich enough, but to be management, you need to rise through the ranks (or so I believe natively).

Apparently, our number for that is pretty healthy, too: we have 23% of women in management, in comparison to Italy that has just 16%.

So, feminists should be happy with this result, right?

No really.

Can Do Better

Aware is aware of this and of course they want more, saying that “there is no good reason why there should not be many more women CEOs in Singapore.”

Of well, of course.


The issue of gender equality in Singapore isn’t as bad as other countries, considering that we even have a female president.

But when it comes to money, it’s a different story altogether.

On Average, Men Earn 12.5% More in Singapore

Based on the figures from MOM, in 2018, men earn a median gross monthly income of $4,680, compared to women at $4,096.

Of course, there might be many factors at work here: for example, there’s a possibility that that male-dominated jobs like engineering and technical roles command higher pay.

Whatever it is, this is a good-to-know piece of information, but not facts cast in stone.


Just remember: this is Singapore. If you’ve the ability, you’ll go up. It doesn’t matter whether you’re 21 or 61, male or female, Pungolite or Yishunite.

At least that’s what’s happening in Goody Feed lah.