S’pore Tourism Board At It Again, This Time With Return Of The Condor Heroes

Image: Screengrab from Singapore Tourism Board YouTube Video

If there’s one thing you can’t accuse the Singapore Tourism Board of, it’s being boring.

Remember when they dubbed an advisory about insurance over the God of Gamblers?

Well, they’ve done it again.

The return of The Return of the Condor Heroes

The Singapore Tourism Board has recently released three videos on Facebook which feature dubbed-over scenes from the popular 90s TV drama, The Return of the Condor Heroes.

This release is the third in a series of travel advice campaigns which inform Singaporeans about the ways in which they can protect themselves when they travel abroad.

The three short videos, developed by TBWA\Singapore, feature scenes from the 90s TV drama, amusingly dubbed over with dialogues about unfortunate travel scenarios.

Here’s one about licensed travel agents:

Condor Heroes Go Bungee Jumping

Don’t take the plunge with a travel agent you’re not sure about. Always check if they have the right licence. #DontTravelBlurTravelSure

Posted by Singapore Tourism Board on Monday, 29 July 2019

Gao Yuanheng, Associate Creative Director at TBWA\Singapore, said, “We wanted to turn famous scenes into unfortunate travel scenarios to show that holiday fails can happen even to the best of us. So don’t try to be a hero. Always travel safe.”

Or you might end up like these two:

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Condor Heroes Go On A Road Trip

Don’t horse around with the fine print. Always read the terms and conditions of your travel package. #DontTravelBlurTravelSure

Posted by Singapore Tourism Board on Monday, 29 July 2019

“With the year-end holidays around the corner, it is timely for us to remind consumers of what to look out for when planning their overseas trips,” said Ms Geraldine Yeo, Director, Industry Marketing, Singapore Tourism Board.

Ms Yeo believes that “nostalgia and humour” is a good way of getting the attention of the targeted viewers.

In keeping with the tone of the advertisements, she warned Singaporeans to “not be a hero” when it comes to travel precautions”.

The tourism board’s approach makes sense in this internet age of short attention spans. With our constant need for stimulation, a conventional advisory advertisement may not have the same impact because it wouldn’t be engaging enough.

Condor Heroes Lose All Their Luggage

Don’t let your holiday cost you an arm and a leg. Always purchase travel insurance before your trip. #DontTravelBlurTravelSure

Posted by Singapore Tourism Board on Monday, 29 July 2019

This, on the other hand, is entertaining and informative.

As these humorous advertisements suggest, exercise caution when travelling. Buy travel insurance, always read the terms and conditions of your travel packages, and make sure your travel agent is licensed.