S’pore Tourism Board’s New Autotuned MV With The Unbeatables Scenes is Like Annoying Orange

Image: Facebook (Singapore Tourism Board)

In this day and age, the best marketing campaign might not be about the best aesthetics or the best joke: it’s about doing the wrong thing and making it look right, and therefore gaining traction through wrongness so fast organically that all your touchpoints become your advertisers.

(That’s the tagline we often tell our clients who then either told us to speak English or just kicked us out of their office)

Chim? Well, it is, because whatever you learned in marketing school is no longer going to apply here in real life.

Just take a look at Singapore Tourism Board’s previous campaign.

“Don’t Travel Blur, Travel Sure” Campaign

Before March this year, many Singaporeans might not know much about travel insurance. All they knew were that if they ticked on a checkbox while buying their air tickets, they’d have to pay more for…something.

Enter Singapore Tourism Board and their campaign to educate Singaporeans about travel insurance…with a twist.

Using scenes from the famous The Unbeatable and dubbing them with a whole new dialogue peppered with Singlish, it won the Internet hands down: the three videos in Facebook collected well over 1.3 million views and about 5K Shares.

It’s not the First Time Singapore Tourism Board Goes Against the Norm

What you might not know is that before The Unbeatable videos, they had another video with the same style that serve the same purpose, though it garnered just 92K views and slightly over 450 Shares.

Bet you didn’t know about this , eh?

The Unbeatables…MV That’s Auto-tuned

Creative agency TBWA came up with The Unbeatables concept, and it’s so successful, a sequel has arrived.

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Well, kind of.

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Early this month, this Singlish-est MV slid into the Internet quietly and let’s just say it’s so annoying, it wins the Internet (again).

(Turn on the sound before playing it, and also, we won’t be responsible for the laughter around you).

Not sure about you, but auto-tune has never sounded so catchy.

I mean, the last time autotune became a thing was back in 2010 when the Kitchen Intruder song went viral (back then, videos were viral in YouTube instead of Facebook):

And then the Annoying Orange made auto-tune so catchy, it became people’s ringtones.

And of course, closer to home, this became the next hottest auto-tuned video:

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So, What Exactly is Autotune?

While it’s no longer a thing nowadays, it’s good to know lest you’ve friends who sing like Donald Duck.

Before it became an Internet thingy, it’s apparently something primarily to measure and alter pitch. If you don’t know what a pitch is, just think of it this way: females usually have a higher pitch and males have a lower pitch.

And to add on, angry girlfriends / wives have crazily high pitch.

Auto-tune is a processor to change pitch, and it’s common to use it to correct pitch in sound production, with even Britney Spears using it.

But of course, it has become so mainstream, people are using it to alter a perfectly normal voice to something funny.

You know, like what Singapore Tourism Board has done.

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