S’pore Woman Changes Captions To Instagram Posts With Exes To Show What Really Happened

Dating can be rough.

Going along with someone who piques your interest isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Getting around anxiety and the time management of said relationship can be challenging too.

The worst comes when the relationship ends.

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Even more terrifying is if you’ve posted pictures of your past dates on social media, what then?

Well if you’re Rosie, you just roll with it and have fun.

Sad Times To Witty Writes

Because sometimes we feel even bad memories can be made into fun moments.

Rosie, who goes by @jasminericegirl on Twitter, has had a share of memories with unsavoury guys.

Instead of deleting all her pictures of them from social media, she goes on to have fun editing some of the picture’s comments.

As of the writing, the post has blown up like crazy. It’s garnered over 57,000 likes and 14,600 retweets.

That’s crazy. I don’t even think I have that many likes on all my social media combined.

Taking a look at some of the posts though, it’s really not hard to see why it exploded. The edits are kind of hilarious.

The account isn’t private so you can go on ahead to check some of them out for hilarious edits.

Not All Bad

That being said, it’s not all sadness and heartbreak for Rosie.

She made a tweet to follow up her initial one, stating that she left the good guys alone and ‘truly wish them the best’.

Rosie has added a reply recently to show that this wasn’t to shame the guys but to acknowledging her experiences.

Which is good that she clarified because I can definitely see people taking this the wrong way.

Her post has been mostly met with positive feedback with some even stating that they would imitate her creative method of learning too.

The whole situation just seems wholesome and fun, with a lot of things to learn from it.

As with Rosie’s experience, not everything will turn out the way you want but it’s all in how you take those moments.


Also maybe to be careful posting pictures of past dates unless you’re completely cool with it.

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