S’pore YouTuber Who Made ‘More Than Blue’ Funny Did Low-Budget Remake of Avengers Trailer

Image: Jaze Phua Facebook Video

Remember this guy?

Image: Ask

Well, I’ll be blown if you don’t, for this dude has taken on the roles of Japan’s big three:

And it seems that with his latest parody of Avengers: Endgame

He’s just going from strength to strength.

Low budget remake

Now, low budget remakes are hardly a new concept. Think, for example, that classic Malaysian-produced film trailer which drew the attention of the original creators themselves.

Image: Aiman Sany Twitter

However, you have to consider that hundreds, perhaps even thousands try to conjure their own versions in a bid for that elusive ticket to fame, and only one could perhaps draw the wanted attention.

And in this aspect, I dare say Jaze Phua has gotten it all under the palm of his hand, considering the sheer ‘effortlessness’ of his film parody.

Garnering over 20,000 upvotes in less than 12 hours on Reddit, and 29K views on Facebook, the film trailer has really spread its viral arms far and wide.

Here, you can check out the video yourself here.

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Marvel Studios' Avengers: End Game – LOW BUDGET Trailer

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Posted by Jaze Phua 潘家威 on Sunday, 31 March 2019

Lest you can’t view the video for some inexplicable (4G or data-related) reason, here’re some valuable gif screenshots:

Arrows have never been more floppy.

Ant-Man sticker, anyone?

Asgard has never looked more… Sentosa-y.

Brb, Imma go get a plastic bag and be Nebula.

Whoever knew that we can all form spaceships?!

Lit. Just lit.

Netizens rave

It’s simple, really. Netizens blast when it’s something inappropriate, and they love it when it’s something really good.

And as you might’ve surmised, Jaze Phua’s film’s up, up and away in the latter section:

Image: Jaze Phua 潘家威 Facebook page
Image: Jaze Phua 潘家威 Facebook page

Well-deserved, really.

Other works

Honestly speaking, I’ve been a fan of this dude’s works long before his mirror run challenges took off.

Having constantly produced films of such high quality, my only grievance’s that he’s way too underrated.

Image: Jaze Phua Youtube

45K subscribers only? Blasphemy.

I mean, just check out some of his better works (in my opinion anyway):

This one, for starters, really made me laugh my ass off.

Not that I had any ass in the first place, but still…

And his One Punch Man parody reeks of such high quality I won’t be surprised if that’s why he lost all his hair in the first place.

And somehow, somehow, this guy made More than Blue funny.

Like how?!?!

Indeed, this is a creator who has long since been dedicated to his craft.

And is now reaping the success he deserves.

You can watch his other videos here.