S’porean Engaged Hitman from Dark Web to Kill Her Former Mistress’ New Boyfriend

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The headline sounds like a plot from a Hollywood movie.

But unfortunately, this is real, and thankfully, the attempt was foiled and the man is caught.

Here’s what happened.

Guy Met Girl & Fell Deeply in Love with Her Despite Being Married

The entire story didn’t even start innocuously.

47-year-old Allen Vincent Hui Kim Seng was a risk management executive, and is married with a daughter. However, in April 2016, he started an affair with a 30-year-old woman who worked with him.

Although the woman, whom we should call Beautiful, knew that Hui was married, she continued the relationship as Hui told her that he was leaving his wife soon.

Does all Huis do that or what?

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Hui left the company but continued the relationship with Beautiful. But Beautiful soon realised that Hui had no intention to leave his wife, and so called off the relationship in February 2018.


They remained friends and Hui did the friendzone thingy: he continued to woo her by buying her gifts and paying half the rental of a flat that Beautiful stayed in.

But all good things came to an end.

Two months later, Beautiful found a new job and a new boyfriend, who’s also 30 years old.

Initially, Hui didn’t know about this guy but Beautiful spoke casually about him, which led Hui to online stalk Beautiful so professionally that he found out the new boyfriend’s identity.

And that was when shit hits the fan.

Wanted to Kill New Boyfriend

What would you do if you were Hui?

If you’re insane, maybe you’d just harass him, which by the way is a big no-no as that could land you in jail if he filed a personal protection order against you.

But Hui’s beyond insane.

Instead, he Googled on how to hire hitmen, and then knew about the dark web.

For your info, the less you know about the dark web, the better it is. So we’re not going to say what it is. Just…don’t go there. Go see some cat videos instead.

Hui then proceeded to hire a hitman and would pay via Bitcoin, which cost “a few thousand US dollars”. Initially, he just wanted to cut off the boyfriend’s right hand, and then requested for acid to be poured on his face.

Finally, he asked for the man to be killed, and it was set to look like a car accident on 22 May 2018.

I know what you’re thinking.

Image: Tenor

But of course, nothing like this should happen in Singapore.

US Journalist Found Out About It

And like in the movies again, a journalist was the one who knew about the plot.

It’s not a local journalist, but one from CBS, a US media company. It’s unknown how the journalist knew about the plan, but he or she had informed the Singapore embassy in the US of a hit against a Singaporean on 12 May 2018.


The Singapore embassy in the US then alerted the Singapore Police Force, and Hui was arrested on 17 May 2018—five days before the supposed “hit”.

He was then ordered to cancel the “hit” and withdraw all the bitcoins he had uploaded to his account that was used for payment.

Hui pleaded guilty today for a charge of intentionally abetting murder, with another charge of criminal intimidation taken into consideration.

He would return to court in September for his sentencing.

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