S’porean Flight Attendant Replies To YouTuber Who Posted Video Dissing SIA


You might have clicked on this article because you come in here feeling a little angry about a random YouTuber dissing SIA. Or perhaps you wanted a little drama between a flight attendant and a YouTuber.

So let me be honest here: it’s clickbait.

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WAIT! Don’t close the window yet.

There’s a good reason for this. Because the YouTube review, coming from Josh Cahill, a travel vlogger on YouTube known for doing flight reviews, also employed click-bait:

The thumbnail makes it seem like SIA is trash, but he only really disliked one thing on the flight. Which means it’s actually not a bad review. Watch the video yourself if you don’t believe me.

The Review Started Off Good

He went aboard Singapore Airlines flight SQ317, and travelled from London Heathrow to Changi Airport on a non-stop route. It took about 13 hours at S$1,200.

In his video, when onboard he first said that the seats were “sleek” and had a “generous recline”.

Image: YouTube (Josh Cahill)

The in-flight entertainment is great, but “nowhere near the offerings of Emirates or Qatar Airways which offer over 5,000 more options”. “Solid but not anywhere near world class”.

Image: YouTube (Josh Cahill)

Josh went for the Hamburgers with Mashed Potatoes, which he thought was lovely.

Image: YouTube (Josh Cahill)

His favourite part of the meal though was the ice cream, which he especially enjoyed.

Image: YouTube (Josh Cahill)

He praised the bathroom for having amenities such as sanitary napkins, combs and toothbrush, which he says is uncommon for Economy class.

Image: YouTube (Josh Cahill)

So What Is Bad?

Cabin crew service, apparently.

Cabin crew seemed to be “rushing through the aisle hoping and pray(ing) that they wouldn’t get approached by any passengers”.

He then compared this to Malaysian Airlines, where they were “so much more personal” and “so much more engaging”.

As a regular person, I’m not quite sure what he was expecting here. The best kind of service are those that get everything done without bothering you.

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At the start of his complaint, he also said that the cabin crew is “where he spent the money at”. There are things I have to say about that, but I don’t have to. Because YouTube comments are doing it for me.

Scroll through the comments and you’ll hardly find anybody agreeing with his review, even from some that claim to be regular viewers.

Image: YouTube Comments
Image: YouTube Comments

One comment also pointed out that the price tag caused the review to be biased, and a lot of people on the same flight probably paid 600 or less.

Image: YouTube Comments

But that was the pre-drama. Here’s what you really wanted.

Singapore Air Stewardess Responded On Twitter

Unfortunately, the Tweet is now hidden, but MSNews had archived it on their article. Do take note that we have no way of verifying whether this is from a real stewardess.

Image: MSNews
Image: MSNews (original from Twitter)

The main points:


Economy is an understaffed hellhole, and it’s typical for crew:passenger ratio to be about 1:30. That means it’s a lot of work, and most passengers prefer to have their headphones on anyway, which means questions are usually asked multiple times.

Cabin crew do not have time for conversations, as that would lead to a delay in service to people at the back.

After meals, passengers also tend to sleep or watch movies. If you go around looking for conversation as a cabin crew, you disturb those people. But she does say that you are free to look for cabin crew at the galley when they are free.

Finally: their job is to get people to their destination healthily and safely.

In a tweet, Josh Cahill also tweeted this:


Make what you will of it…

But Don’t Get Too Heated

In the end, a review is just a review. People aren’t perfect and there’s no reason they should be. It’s hard for reviews to be entirely unbiased or affected by some random factors. Best thing is for mistakes to be pointed out and for reviewers to learn from their mistakes.

And I’m definitely not saying this to defend myself because I regularly write #ThirstyThursday and #FastFoodFriday.