S’porean Reportedly Missing in US Waters After Falling from a Carrier


The ocean is terrifying—just ask the crew of the Titan submersible that’s currently lost at sea.

Amid frantic search efforts and media frenzy surrounding the sub, however, a Singaporean man was reported missing in United States (US) waters after he fell off a boat.

As of Thursday morning (22 June), he still has not been found.

Fell Off The Ship

According to a report by Berita Mediacorp, a 25-year-old Singaporean man was reported missing after he fell off a bulk cargo carrier on 20 June.

Mr Muhammad Furqan Mohamed Rashid was attending a course to become a junior deck officer.

It is believed that Mr Furqan had fallen overboard on the way to the Port of Long Beach, in the Santa Barbara Channel.

He was aboard a bulk cargo carrier named African Cardinal.


Family and Friends Appealed For Support

His friend, Mr Muhammad Fariz, took to Facebook yesterday to share the news.

“I come before you today with a heavy heart, seeking your support and prayers for a dear friend who is currently lost at sea,” he wrote.

Requesting thoughts and prayers for his friend, he explained that Mr Furqan had “embarked on a sailing journey” to receive certification, but is currently missing in US waters due to “unforeseen circumstances”.

Despite search and rescue efforts, Mr Fariz said that the “vastness of the ocean” rendered the task “arduous and complex”. 

He thanked readers for their support, kindness, and compassion, and expressed hope that Mr Furqan would come home soon. 

Ms Nur Afifah Mohamed Rashid, Mr Furqan’s sister, similarly posted on social media to request that her followers pray for her brother’s safe return.

Search Suspended?

According to national US news, however, the search for an unnamed sailor was called off on Tuesday evening (US time).

The search had lasted around 15 hours, and the US Coast Guard had deployed a rescue helicopter, cutter, and a small boat to aid its efforts. 

(Much less than the resources deployed to find the Titan, huh?)

Mr Furqan had reportedly fallen off the boat on the same day, 20 June.

However, the mission was called off just 15 hours after it began.

The search’s coordinator, Chief Warrant Officer John Rose, expressed sympathy to the missing person’s family and friends, adding that the decision to call off an active search “is never easy”.

He said that it was only made after “exhaustive efforts” to locate the missing person.


Mr Furqan was not named in the report.

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