S’porean Fugitive Who Stole $1 Million Captured at JB Checkpoint When He Was in JB for Holiday


After being on the wanted list for two years, this Singaporean fugitive was finally captured when he went to Johor Bahru for a family holiday.

He, along with two other Singaporean fugitives, was detained for stealing $1 million from a money changer back in 2020.

Arrested at CIQ Complex

A few days ago, the 54-year-old businessman was headed to Johor Bahru for a family holiday.

However, upon presenting his passport at the Bangunan Sultan Iskandar Customs, Immigration and Quarantine complex, an alert emerged, and he was immediately detained.

The CIQ officers handed him to the police, who then managed to find and arrest two other Singaporean fugitives related to the case. The other two men, aged 48 and 49, were also businessmen in car-dealing operations.

The Singaporeans are said to have been able to evade for so long because of the COVID-19 lockdown. The 54-year-old man is out on police bail after recording his statement, and is revealed to suffer from a serious illness.

The other two suspects have been remanded to assist in the investigations.

The police are still looking for another 49-year-old Malaysian who acted as a runner for the money changer till he ran off with the $1 million he was supposed to transport to a bank.

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Tricked Colleagues into Leaving Him Alone with Money, Took It and Ran

On 2 March 2020, the Malaysian was tasked to transport the cash from the JB money changer to a bank.

He drove a bulletproof car owned by the company, while the money was in a security van headed to the bank. They arrived at 8:45am when the bank was still closed.

The Malaysian tricked his colleagues by telling them he had chest pains, asking his co-worker and security guards to go back to their workplace to get his medication.

Once he was alone with the money, he was believed to have driven the van to Danga Bay. He met his Singaporean accomplices there, and divided the loot before abandoning the vehicle.

By the time his colleagues returned with his medication, the man had disappeared. He may have fled to the Philippines with his loot and his foreign wife.

The Malaysian police are currently working with Interpol to track him down.

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