S’porean Pet Groomer Becomes International Sensation For Giving A PomPom The Egg Cut

It’s Tuesday, and you know what that means:

It’s time for Man that’s so cute Tuesday!

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Now I know what you’re thinking; what on earth do we have in store for you guys today? Well, worry not for today’s subject isn’t just cute.

It’s super cute.

And so without further ado, Goody Feed presents the main subject of Man that’s so cute Tuesday

This white Pomeranian furball that resembles a seal/egg.

Image: Mothership
Image: Tenor

The furball that’s making Netizens everywhere swoon

A few months back, PomPom the Pomeranian had a makeover by a freelance pet groomer in Singapore.

A really egg-sy makeover.

So what, you wonder. Well, the what in question happens to be the sheer view count surrounding this ‘explicit’ video.

Image: Groomer_Andrea Instagram

Cute? Definitely. Viewed?

A whopping 98,000 times.

And rather unsurprisingly, tributes came streaming in, and it’s not just local but internationally as well.

Image: めーちっさい
@meetissai Twitter

Can’t blame them too, considering how the aforementioned Gudetama lookalike is so cute I reckon it can give even the big bears a run for their money.

How to make your own egg dog?

In case you’re wondering, the process of making an egg out of a dog is actually pretty ‘simple’. Long story short, the transformation process involves four key stages:

  • Giving the dog a shower
  • Massaging its body
  • Puffing up the fur
  • Trimming it to make it a spheroid

But hey, if you’re all about the convenience and none of that ‘effort-based bs’, you can always hit up the freelance groomer in queston:

Andrea Aubrey Sim (@groomer_andrea).

And if you doubt her portfolio or something, rest assured;

It’s super legit.


Incidentally, you can view more of those cutesy dog profiles here.

Love PomPom?

If you dig PomPom for its visuals, you don’t have to be satisfied with just one video.

It has an Instagram account all to itself.


According to Mothership, the owner had set up an Instagram account to accomodate the growing interest in PomPom, and with all things considered we aren’t pissed at all. Like, just look at this.

It has to be noted that the dog seems to have outgrown its egg shell within just two weeks, but hey with this kind of visuals…

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Keep smiling~

A post shared by Pom Pom & Pixel (@pom_and_pixel) on

I don’t think anyone’s gonna ostracise the critter or anything.


And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’re in serious need of cute stuff, you know where to look. Even if the bears aren’t feeling up to form…

You can be assured that PomPom will have your back.

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Smile for the camera 😀

A post shared by Pom Pom & Pixel (@pom_and_pixel) on

If cute things could kill, this dog would’ve killed me thousands of times over. Damn.

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