S’porean Reveals Horrific Experience Of Being Trapped In A Taxi With ‘Family of Cockroaches’

What’s the worst taxi ride that you’ve ever been in?

Anything like the movies?

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If you take GrabShare or GrabHitch frequently, you’ve most likely met all kinds of people that you had to be stuck with.

Maybe you were stuck in a taxi with a drug addict.

Maybe it was a loud and obnoxious talker on the phone.

Maybe it was a super-spy assassin.

Or maybe, the worst possible scenario, you were stuck with a family of COCKROACHES.

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Unfortunately, that was precisely what this netizen had to experience.

An Innocent Taxi

Ru Ting had just finished dabao-ing her lunch at Golden Mile Complex (maybe some nice Thai food?) when she boarded the taxi towards People’s Park Complex.

Sounds like a very complex ride, eh?

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Okay but anyway, she put her Thai (most probably) minced basil chicken with rice (I’m hoping/guessing) on the floor of the cab.

It seems that cockroaches love Thai food as much as I do, as they were instantly called out like how my dog magically appears beside me when I’m eating.

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Quaking with fear, Ru Ting still carefully fished out her phone to record her experience.

Throughout the arduous journey, Ru Ting was apparently somehow still keeping track of their location at all times.

It was at the National Library when she quickly picked up her Pad Thai and put it on the seat beside her.

But when they passed by Clarke Quay Central, the cockroaches who refused to give up found their way onto the seat.

I know many people who would jump out of the car instantly if this happened.

This was when she could take it no more.

With tears in her eyes, she asked the driver to drop her off at the traffic light before Chinatown Point.

“Really a lot ah?”

Apparently, the driver himself was pretty unconcerned about the cockroaches in his car.

When Ru Ting was tearing and told the driver about the cockroaches, he merely replied that “it might be because of the rain”.

Or maybe, they wanted the boat noodles pretty badly.


When she complained further about the amount, all he said was “really a lot ah?”

To be honest, I think the cockroaches were probably the taxi driver’s pets.

He even named that Tom, Dick, Harry and feeds them tom yum goong every day.

Okay, maybe I’m getting too hungry. Time to get some Thai food for lunch.

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