S’porean Wins 4D First Prize But Is Unable To Claim His Winnings Coz He Lost The Ticket

Image: Shin Min Daily, Gidapp


If you’ve lived on this planet for a considerable amount of time, you’d know that life sometimes likes to dangle happiness in front of us only to take it away soon after.

Like when your friend gives you a voucher for a free meal and you get food poisoning as a result.

Or when your recruiter tells you you’ve been offered a job but then you learn it’s at Goody Feed.

Nothing can beat this man’s sad story though, as he had $27,000 taken away from him in a blink of an eye.

S’porean Wins 4D First Prize But Is Unable To Claim His Winnings Because He Lost The Ticket

When a 52-year-old private hire driver found out that he won the first prize in 4D, he was so far over the moon that Earth was no longer visible.

But just seconds after celebrating his win, he realized he made a grave, grave mistake.

Bought ticket on a whim

According to Shin Min Daily News, the man, Zhong, was passing by the Kis Store on Wednesday (8 Jan), a Singapore Pools retailer in Chinatown, when he noticed that it was empty.

So, he decided to buy a 4D ticket on a whim. He chose the store’s unit number, #01-49 to bet on.

Image: Shin Min Daily

Reader: That’s so stupid. I mean 4D, in general, is stupid, but why pick such a random number with no meaning attached to it? There’s no way he would win the-

So, he ended up winning the first prize.

Same Reader: Goddamit that’s genius why didn’t I think of that?

Image: Gidapp

Yes, just like that, Zhong had won $27,000.

Lost 4D ticket

And just like that, it was taken away.

After finding out that he had won, Zhong gleefully took out his wallet only to find that it was missing.

He then remembered that he had bumped into someone earlier and speculated that he’d lost it then.

Image: Giphy

Can’t claim prize without ticket

In case you don’t know, you can’t just walk up to Singapore Pools and say “Hey you know that first prize number? Yeah… uh, I bought that number but I lost the ticket. I’ll collect my prize in cash please”.

If you don’t have the ticket, you can’t claim your prize.

Following advice from a friend, Zhong had written his IC number on the front and back of his ticket.

He later contacted the betting store and also made a police report.

So, what have we learned today? Life is unfair.

You could buy thousands of 4D tickets and win absolutely nothing, or you could buy just one ticket, win the first prize, and then find out you lost the ticket.

Keep your friends close, guys, but keep your 4D tickets closer.

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