S’porean Chiobu Created Game That Helps People Get Over Broken Hearts

Everyone has been through at least one heartbreak once in our lives.

It might’ve been unrequited love, it could’ve have been an ambiguous relationship that didn’t take off. Hell, the love of your life might’ve just used you and throw you aside like discarded trash.

But it all results in the same thing: a broken heart.

Everything in life turned dull. You missed having someone to hug, someone to hold your hands as you walk down the streets, someone who loves you for who you are.

You hate the moments when you’re alone and you can’t help but imagine what could’ve been. You can’t help but remember the happy moments.

And your heart aches like my muscles did after a gruelling IPPT test.

At these moments, we all wished we had one magical device that takes care of these feelings in one fell swoop.

Now, while we do not have such a device that can get rid of your pain like the Men in Black’s flashing memory stick, there exist one such product that can take care of your broken heart.

And, maybe, mend it back to 100% again.

It All Started With A Bad Breakup & An Innocent Remark

It all started with a traumatising break up between Ms Teh Jo Ey and her ex-boyfriend. He walked out of the one-year relationship without rhyme or reason.

When she asked for an explanation, he merely told her that she was “too good for him”.

And you can imagine the bleak world that she has to face every day, but she adapted to it incredibly well.

Shortly after the breakup, she was talking to her friends, 25-year-old Ms Keely Sim and 30-year-old Ms Thoo Seik Yee, about her experience.

They were surprised and remarked that she handled her heartbreak “pretty well”.

And That’s How Broken Hearts: The Card Game Was Born

After the remark, they got immersed in discussing how to bring people together in a fun and practical way.

From there, Broken Hearts was born.

They chose this name because it’s something that everybody goes through at least once in their lives.

And they hope that people who play the game will have the courage to “face their broken hearts and fall in love with life again”.

“People tend to hide their emotions and do not want to face their broken hearts.”

How Do You Play The Game?

Each game will last at least 15 minutes and can accommodate four to six players.

The aim of the game is to link five unique pairs of Heart cards with other players (or yourself). The first one to be able to do so wins.


Each deck has 96 cards in total, consisting of the Heart cards, Action cards and Special cards.

To form a connection with another player who has a Heart card you need, you’ll need to play Action cards like “I Like You” to seal the deal.

And if you want to prevent your opponent from winning, you can rebuff players with the “I Hate You” card.

There are also other action cards that allow you to steal a card, make he or she skip a turn, and even make a couple “break up” with a Broken Heart card.


To make the entire game even more fun, deals must be sealed based on the actions prescribed on the cards.

For example, you might need to make the Heart Sign

Image: teepublic.com

Or even a flirty wink.

Image: violetblue / Shutterstock.com

These physical interactions are designed to break down the walls and create fun and laughter.


It Gives People The Courage To Fall in Love Again

Sometimes, after a relationship has ended, you’ll be so hurt you won’t open yourself up to another person again.

What if he’s the same as the previous guy? What if she leaves me like my previous girlfriend?

These are questions that’ll plague everyone who’ve been through heartbreaks, and not everyone is lucky enough to be brave enough to risk another painful relationship.

And this game, Ms Teh hopes, will let people have the courage to take the first step once again.

Plus, you can’t help but feel that this game’s pretty realistic.

One, when you’re out in the world looking for love, you’d definitely face people who are just out there to play around (the players). And if you want a relationship, you’ll have to stop waiting but get out there and get what you want instead (sealing the deal).

And most importantly, there’s always someone out there who might break you up, but there’s really nothing much you can do about it besides chasing him or her off by being extremely possessive and clingy (broken hearts).

Where Can You Get Your Hands on This?

The trio will be launching their campaign on Kickstarter to raise S$15,000 to produce the card game.


Anyone who pledges at least S$39 will be able to get a set of the card game by March 2019.

For those who want to see how the card game works, you can catch their product launch today at Basecamp Cafe at Marina Bay MRT station from 7 pm to 10 pm.

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