S’poreans Can Now Buy Camo Cream from Innisfree Cosmetics for Their Outfield

Image: Innisfree

Let’s face it; going outfield is bad.

Going outfield with camo cream on is REALLY BAD.

For starters, applying it is a hassle. Real hassle. And that’s if you do it correctly the first time.

Never do correctly? APPLY AGAIN, my sergeant would scream.

And it doesn’t end there too. You gotta contend with the yucky feeling on your face for long hours, and chances are; you probably have to touch up the following morning. So essentially, your face is being attacked for the entire duration of the outfield.

Splendid stuff.

Hours pass; days pass. At long last, your outfield ends, and you slink back to your bunk, all ragged and fatigued and just craving to bury your face in those soft pillows on your bed.


And so, with a heavy heart, you trek off to the shower room where you try to wash off all that toxic stuff on your face. Two hours pass, loads of screams erupt, and you finally head back to your bunk.

“Finally…” you whisper. “It’s gone-”

“Hey, you got some behind your ears,” your buddy informed you on his way to the toilet.

And you just stand there blankly as he walks off with a toilet roll in hand.

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Image: Tenor

S’poreans Can Now Buy Camo Cream from Innisfree Cosmetics for Their Outfield

And that’s why this article’s so valuable. So priceless. Because at long last, you’ll never have to contend with that SAF schmuck. Ever again.

Meet Innisfree. And their latest product:

Extreme Power Camo Cream. With an Extreme Power facial cleanser to wash it all off.

Or in other words, sheer perfection. Here, you can take a look down below:

Image: Innisfree

The Camo Cream we so desperately need, and deserve

Lest you’ve forgotten, the old staple we used to procure in E-mart sets you back a few credits, with a listing on Hock Gift Shop (an army online store) pricing the product at S$3.50/tube.

“What about the Innisfree one?” you ask.

Well, it’s actually priced at a really reasonable S$14… NO WAIT DON’T JUMP SHIP YET. Because see, this gem actually offers loads of pros like:

  • SPF 50+ sun protection that’s estimated to block an estimated 98 per cent of UVB rays
  • A triple camouflage cream for anti-wrinkle and whitening effects, as well as protection against UV rays with SPF5-+PA+++
  • Vivid colours that do not leave behind excessive oil
  • Saturated colours for complete camouflage
  • Contains skin-protecting houttuynia cordata extract and tea tree oil, which serve to provide care for your rough, sensitive skin
GIF: Tenor.com

And apparently, the effectiveness is pretty clear-cut too. You can see it here.

For more information on the respective products, you can click on the inscribed links down below:

Extreme Power Facial Cleanser 100ml

Extreme Power Camo Cream SPF50+PA++ 15g

Now, we don’t actually know whether your inspecting officer will approve of these gems… but hey, if the trade-off’s 1000 push-ups in return for clear skin and a hassle-free removal process…

I dare say it’s well worth it. 😉

P.s. Please tell us whether it works. We’ve reservist soldiers in the office too.