S’poreans Can Soon Use Mastercard For Bus & MRT Rides


Last Updated on 2019-04-03 , 6:17 pm

Have you ever marvelled at how paying for things became as simple as waving your bank card?

And then frown as you wonder why you can’t do the same thing for your MRT ride.

If you could, without all that troublesome registration, you won’t have to keep on queueing up for the top up machines.

Nor do you have to bring so many cards out at one go.

Well, guess what? Your dream is coming true.

LTA announced that on 4 April 2019, Singaporeans can choose to throw away all their EZ-Link cards…


…or EZ-Link charms.

Image: Zap Zmf & Nelly Cash Facebook

Okay, maybe not this since, you know, it’s too cute to be thrown away.

But you get what I mean.

You don’t need EZ-Link anymore to travel the wondrous depths of Singapore.


And it’s all because of…


Previously known as Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system, LTA has renamed their baby to SimplyGo.

Simply put (pun intended), this new system allows Singaporeans to use their bank cards to tap into the MRT gantries and when boarding the bus.

Provided your bank card is a contactless bank card, that is.

Which makes you wonder why this wasn’t implemented earlier #justsaying

No Registration Required

Now the magical part: as long as you have a contactless bank card, you can automatically make use of the system.

But just take note that if you were to accidentally scan two different cards, charges will be made against both cards.

So make sure you arrange your wallet properly before tapping in and out, eh?

But What If I Lose Track

Imagine this: you’re someone who hates keeping a record but you don’t want to lose track of how much you’re spending on transport, how?


At least with EZ-Link, you can keep track of how much you spend on top-ups, but if it’s charged directly to your bank account, then it’s no longer possible. Right?


You can choose to register for an account on the TransitLink SimplyGo Portal and keep track of your travel expenditure and history.

Mobile Payment Systems a Go Too

Now, if you’re using Samsung Pay, Apple Pay or Google Pay; here’s the good news.

As long as you’ve connected your contactless bank card to your mobile payment wallet, your device can be used to get you onto the train and bus services in Singapore.

In other words, you can simply leave the house without your wallet because your phone can practically do everything soon.


But There’s A Catch

Only Mastercard holders will be eligible for the SimplyGo service on 4 Apr 2019.

So if you’re holding on to a Visa card, you’ll not be able to use SimplyGo yet.

But don’t worry, you’ve only got to wait for a maximum of eight months.

LTA promised that Visa will be included in the program by later this year.

And if you’re a rich fellow who uses Amex? Well, you shouldn’t even be taking public transport #justsaying