S’poreans have been falling for “The Apple Scam” recently. Read this to find out how and not be the next victim


Last Updated on 2016-05-19 , 1:43 pm

One would think it’ll be impossible to fall for a scam like this in today’s day and age, but it happens.

There are times where someone somehow manages to convince you a certain thing is true. I mean, there is a reason why people do pay a truckload of money to fortunetellers.

No one is immune to scams; anyone of a different race, gender and religion are all are prone to falling for these scams. And this recent incident further proved that no scam is too ridiculous.

The Apple Scam is simple–too simple in fact. Scammers would target elderly people, and warn them about an impending misfortune. In order to keep them safe, one would have to place all their valuables into a plastic bag as part of a ritual.

They were asked to place cash and personal items into a bag, which will then be handed over to the scammers for them to pray. After the ritual, the victims were handed back the bags, and they were told not to open their plastic bags for several days otherwise the ritual would not work.

After a few days, the victims open the bag after deeming that enough time has passed. They will discover that instead of their valuables, apples, water bottles and other cheap items will be in the bag instead.

The most recent case of this scam stripped two elderly people of nearly a whopping $26,000.

These scammers usually move in groups. One will play the part of a salesperson, the other as someone who has benefitted from it and another to carry the ritual out.

To top it off, these scammers are very convincing, and it can be very challenging trying to discern if the entire thing is real or fake. What you can do is to be discerning towards strangers who talk to you.

The Yishun North Neighbourhood Police Centre has advised the public to be wary of people approach them with a similar proposal.

They also suggest refraining from giving any important valuables to people that you might not be very close with, and to warn all family members about such scams, especially those with elderly.

To avoid becoming a victim of this scam, never ever, in any circumstances, hand over your valuables or even let it out for your sight for just a second. And in the event you found yourself a part of this scam, contact the police immediately to report the case.

Top Image: 1000 Words / Shutterstock.com