S’poreans Fracture Foot & Ribs After Bridge Collapses At Montigo Resorts Batam

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Have you ever been to Montigo Resorts in Batam?

If you close one eye, it looks a tad bit like Santorini with its white walls and rows of villas offering expansive ocean views:

Image: Montigo Resorts

Just that the view is of the Straits Of Malacca, instead of some obscure faraway ocean.

Oh well, same thing. But what do tourists like to do while they’re on these vacations?

Take pictures of course, and that’s what these tourists were trying to do at Montigo Resorts when the bridge they were standing on collapsed while they were on it.

S’poreans Fracture Foot & Ribs After Bridge Collapses At Montigo Resorts Batam

For those who are unacquainted with Montigo Resorts in Nongsa, Batam, it’s a popular place Singaporeans like to go to since it’s just a short ferry ride away.

I can say with 100% certainty that they did not expect this tragedy to happen.

A total of eighteen Singaporeans were left with injuries that essentially put a stop to their holiday when a bridge at Montigo Resorts collapsed on yesterday (7 November) afternoon.

Image: Twitter

This figure was reported by the Indonesian police.

Fifteen of the injured Singaporeans were brought to the hospital immediately while three of them sustained minor injuries which were treated on the spot.

Two of the injured sustained serious injuries. Local hospital staff revealed that it’s one person had a fractured bone in the right foot, while another suffered a fractured bone in the ribs.


Image: Tenor

Now you must be wondering why the bridge collapsed. Did one of the stilts come loose maybe?


According to Detik, Colonel S Erlangga, the Riau Islands provincial police spokesman said that the culprit was probably wood decay.

Say what?

“The wooden foundations of the bridge have probably decayed, leading to its collapse.”

Now I’m wondering weren’t there proper checks? It’s kinda scary because I have stood on that bridge before.

Some Of The Victims Were Taking Selfies

Imagine you’re on holiday, happily taking selfies and pictures for the gram’ when the bridge you’re standing on gives way under you.

One word. Trauma.


Detik reportedly said that some of the victims were taking selfies when the incident happened.

To be honest, I don’t think it matters if they were taking selfies or not when it happened, nothing is going to stop them from getting injured regardless.

We really hope that Montigo Resorts will get their bridge fixed and that the victims will make a speedy recovery.

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