S’poreans Might Just Catch This We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls & More Train On NEL

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Absolutely dig the three adorable bears from Cartoon Network original show We Bare Bears?

Image: Amazon.com

Have a mad obsession with the Powerpuff Girls, all of whom could give the Avengers a real run for their money?

Image: HuffPost

Always wanted to travel alongside Ben Tennyson on one of his misadventures, with the distinct hope of witnessing his many transformations first-hand?

Image Steam

Well, if you can relate to at least one of the aforementioned points, I have great news for you:

A Cartoon Network x Timezone-themed MRT train has been launched in Singapore, and it will feature all of your favourite Cartoon Network characters…

All in one place.

Image: Cartoon Network

Image: memegenerator.net

S’poreans Might Just Catch This We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls & More Train On NEL

According to Mothershipthe new cartoon-themed train will be travelling to all 16 of the North East Line’s stations, from Harbourfront to Punggol, until 16 July 2019.

In each of the train’s six carriages, characters from popular shows like We Bare Bears, Powerpuff Girls, Ben 10 and Adventure Time will be present to add some cartoonised cheer to your otherwise idyllic journey.

Always wanted to travel alongside your favourite cartoon characters? Well, that’s no longer a distant dream.

Image: Cartoon Network

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Image: Cartoon Network

And of course, this spectacle would represent a great opportunity for all the aesthetic lovers out there as well.

Fancy yourself as an inspiring Instagram model? Well, this could get you some serious likes.

Fancy yourself as a photographer with keen attention to novelty? Well, this is definitely new enough.

There’s just so much to appreciate here, whether you’re taking photos, snuggling with the 2D bears or just taking a train ride because you’re late for work.

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This isn’t the only Cartoon Network x Timezone collaboration too

According to Mothership, Timezone will be launching Cartoon Network claw machines in all its Singapore outlets over the next 18 months.


And while we have yet to see what these claw machines will truly entail, we’re expecting loads, loads, of Cartoon Network-exclusive merchandise to dangle in those flirtatious claw machines.

Although of course, you’ll also expect some sore loser to hover in front of a claw machine for hours on end, spending near one thousand dollars to get a plushie he/she really could’ve purchased elsewhere for 30 bucks.

But then again, that’s really how attractive a claw machine can be. #beentheredonethat

And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you’re a chronic fan of Cartoon Network’s characters, or just wanna take a break from the dull interior of an MRT train, you know where to go.

North East Line, here I come!


Although you really can’t help but wonder about that random person walking onto this particular train, with no prior knowledge of any Cartoon Network character and only a desire to get to work on time.

Do tell us if you witness such a person, alright? I think it’ll be pretty fun to watch.

Image: Giphy