S’poreans Will Spend More At JB Now That They Can Use NETS At Paradigm Mall

As someone who frequently crosses the causeway to enjoy some lofty, ‘discounted’ perks, I’ve just one regret.

I don’t exchange nearly enough currency every time.

And honestly, can you even blame me? There’s just so much to see over in Malaysia, and so much to purchase.

No amount of money’s enough to satiate the discount auntie in me, you get what I’m saying?

But alas, it seems that I’m destined to fall. Just like a snowflake. A really pretty one…

“Ol’ my beauty, please hold your tears, because there’s some good news in tow,” my Prince Charming Ah Kow rasped.

“Just let me die in peace, you cow.”

“Hear me out, ol’ beautiful-as-a-neighing-horse Princess, because the higher beings have announced that…”

Singapore residents can now use NETS At Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB) in Malaysia!

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S’poreans Will Spend More At JB Now That They Can Use NETS At Paradigm Mall

According to Straits Times, Singapore residents travelling to shop at Paradigm Mall Johor Bahru (PMJB) in Malaysia can now afford the option of going cashless, and pay for their purchases using Nets ATM cards issued by three designated Singapore banks.

Image: PropertyGuru Malaysia

The revelation comes after the latest partnership between Nets and payment service provider GHL Systems Berhad (GHL), and effectively means that Singapore consumers can now utilise Nets ATM cards issued by DBS Bank, OCBC Bank and United Overseas Bank to make payments at more than 100 stores at PMJB.

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“Singapore residents using the Nets ATM cards in Malaysia are not required to pay currency conversion fees for their purchases, and cardholders will be able to enjoy competitive exchange rates when they use the service,” said PMJB and WCT Malls Management in a joint statement on Monday (17 June).

Amongst the participating brands, partners such as Subway, Samsung and Homepro will be accepting this form of payment.

Discounted 6-inch subs with the ease of just your NETs card? We’re in.

“We are excited to collaborate with GHL Systems Berhad and Nets to encourage e-payment adoption in Malaysia. With Nets ATM cards, Singapore residents will find it very convenient to do their shopping, dining and other leisure activities in PMJB.

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“Nets cards also provide a platform for merchants to facilitate safe, fast and cashless payments for the Singapore residents visiting Malaysia. With this partnership, we are able to provide our patrons with a seamless and enhanced shopping experience.”

How’ll it work?

To utilise the Nets ATM cards, consumers need only insert their cards into an acceptance point terminal, and input their personal identification number (PIN) to complete their transactions.

“This eliminates the hassle of carrying foreign currency, and the risk of running out of Malaysian ringgit,” the companies said.

Additionally, Ms Chua also noted that the greater efficiency brought about by this e-payment method will further attract visitors to Malaysia, thus contributing positively to its economy. Previous data from Tourism Malaysia shows that Singapore residents make an estimated 11 million visits to Malaysia annually.

And Mr Danny Leong, GHL’s group CEO, concurs, adding that it’s a “win-win” scenario for Malaysian businesses and Singapore visitors to Malaysia alike, with the GHL’s belief that easier payments will lead to more cashless transactions at the Malaysian merchants.

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And so… what’re you waiting for?

If you absolutely love purchasing discounted goods and not worry about dwindling, physical assets, there’s really no alternative answer.

Paradigm Mall. This weekend. With just your NETs card.


After all, with sheer convenience and competitive prices at your fingertips…

There’s no better way to chill after a mentally-draining week at your workplace, amiright? 🙂

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