S’pore’s Favourite Ah Lian Salesgirl Speaks Out About Her Inspiring Story


Lest you’ve been living under a rock, you would surely be familiar with Lerine Yeo, the ‘Ah Lian’ model who has been making waves for her less than conventional apparel-marketing style.

Image: Facebook (Andrew Kit)

With larger than life examples that make you question the very existence of life itself, Lerine has broken out of all previous marketer stereotypes, creating a persona that’s very much likeable, yet unlikeable at the same time, by the almost perfect people of Singapore.

But don’t just take it from me; view the videos for yourself.

In tears? Because I am.

“You can hook your EZ-Link card here, then can daeee.”

And I haven’t even touched on the luncheon meat and seaweed parts. Oh dear.



It seems that popular social media channel SGag wasn’t the only one to do a parody of the ‘Ah Lian seller’ either, with Netizens keen to join in the hype.

And what better way to dish out the internet gags, than some classic, classy memes?

Image: Facebook (ELOELL)

Though it does resemble a Doraemon gimmick at one point in time.

Talk about multi-functional.

I’m hooked.


But contrary to what her exterior self might suggest, Lerine seems to be a genuine person in nature. The apparel model-seller, who started Misshopper Boutique in March and now operates it full-time, recently opened up to Stomp in an interview about her new-found fame.

And it seems that for one, she doesn’t actually do every single live-stream video with such trademark enthusiasm.

“I would say it’s impromptu,” Lerine replied when asked if it was a norm for her to display such enthusiasm in live-stream videos. “I don’t even know what I will be selling that day. It’s only until the live-stream then I ask my buyers what they would like to see and I bring it out,” she added.

Image: Facebook (Andrew Kit)

For two, she’s pretty bubbly in real life too.

“Hmm… half half. Siao siao must see timing. And see towards who. But overall this is my character. Maybe 人老了, 看开了 (one becomes more open-minded as one gets older).”

Wait, did she just say that she’s old? Everyone in the office thought she’s only 18 this year!

Thereafter, she added:

“To be honest, I didn’t expect that me selling clothes on a live-stream would be noticed by others. I would say my videos going viral is a happy problem.

“Till today, I am still in shock and don’t dare to go ‘live’ for now. Haha, my inbox is flooded with many people asking about the ‘hook’ t-shirt.

“But I am happy because I see more positive comments than negative comments.”

But it’s not all fun and games

Because as I mentioned earlier on, her persona didn’t come off as likeable to everyone out there.


“Wonder how her parents brought her up,” a comment read.

(Goody Feed feedback: They bring her up to be a good salesperson, and everything in life is about selling, my dearest friend)

“Her English really Cannot Make It, I wasted three minutes of my time watching,” another said.

(Goody Feed feedback: We understand everything she sayed lehs. Oh, wait, our Engrish also CMI. We just have English majors and English Literature majors working here who can draw a tree (serious) for a sentence to determine if it’s “grammatically accepted widely”.)

“Her husband never feed her well, that’s why she had got to do this to entertain buyers and gain popularity.”

(Goody Feed feedback: Clients often told us to stick to our formula of packaging dry information with entertainment. And we got fed pretty well. We’re all fat creatures.)

“Don’t play play, she used to be a model who was very popular with photographers. After getting and having kids, she now has to do this to pay her bills.”

(Goody Feed feedback: Is there anything wrong with working to pay bills? Or bills can pay by themselves one?)


And Lerine admitted that it hurts.

“At first I didn’t know I could hold on till this far.

“When my humble business started to pick up after three months and viewers increased, people started attacking and smearing me. During that period, I was really affected. I bled and recovered, recovered and bled again and again.

“Another part that is tough is the backlog after each and every live-stream. My team has only three people, including myself. Packing, sorting, and all the backlogs can be overwhelming.”

Lerine, although we don’t buy your hook T-shirts (yet), we’ll always support you. Got engage people or not ah? I’m so sick and tired of being a writer here in Baddy Feed.

Is it all worth it?

Well, Lerine certainly thinks so.

“Every woman loves to shop. When my customers receive their purchases and tell me how happy or satisfied they are, that moment is gold. It’s not just about the money anymore,” she said.

And she’s thankful for all the positive receptivity as well.


“WOW, fans. I dare not think of that but I would really like to take this chance to thank all my MISSHOPPERS first.

“Without each and every one of their support, I would not be what I am today. My humble business and dream came true because of their support.

“To those who like me, thank you. I spent each and every night before I sleep reading all the comments. I’m thankful for the encouragement and kind words.

At this point, she acknowledged her ‘haters’ too.

“To those who dislike me, it’s okay. I am nothing special but I hope that even if my personality doesn’t attract you, somehow my clothes will.”

Oh, sweetness overload. We love you, like how we love Premium Ah Lian.

The biggest shout-out

Lerine’s parents, who are not on Facebook, are currently unaware about their daughter’s popz status.

Nevertheless, she wishes to give them the “biggest shout-out”.


“I want to take this rare chance to tell my parents that I hope this once, finally I have done something to make you proud.”

People Are Now Trying to Scam with Her Brand

How do you know you’ve made it? When others started to use your brand and pass it off as if it’s theirs.

And Misshopper Boutique has just reached that stage.

Everyone’s now searching for Misshopper Boutique after her viral hit, and just an hour ago, it turned out that copycats have tried to leverage on that.

Image: Facebook (Misshopper Boutique)

The fake pages even uses the same tagline.

So remember, the real link is here.


You might like her. You might not like her.

You might laugh at her. You might not laugh at her.


But no matter which camp you’re in, there’s no doubt:

She’s genuinely marketing her own products, which she has an admirably steadfast belief in.

As such, our vote goes out to you, Lerine. And we wish you all the best in your future business endeavours. 🙂

We’ll try to steal our boss’s credit card to buy something for everyone in the office.


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