S’pore’s First Army Zombie Film Trailer is Out & There’s a Chiobu (with Zombies)

Image: Facebook (Zombiepura)

Here’s to clear the air once and for all: army camps usually do not have canteen chiobu like this.

Image: Facebook (Zombiepura)

And here’s to clear the air again: soldiers aren’t trained to fight zombies. In facts, zombies might be trained to fight soldier. Just take a look at a video we’ve done before:

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But of course, we’re not here to plug our YouTube channel, though that’s 98% of this article’s objective.

The other 2%?

Singapore’s first army zombie film trailer is out, and it’s dope.

Here, take a look (not just at 0:12, please):

Zombiepura: When Ah Boys to Men Meets The Walking Dead

If the trailer isn’t clear enough, here’s some more context: Zombiepura is like Ah Boys to Men meet The Walking Dead.

According to IMDB, it is a comedy (most likely plus horror, no?), and the plot is as follows: “When a mysterious virus breaks out in an isolated army camp, a lazy reservist soldier and his tough commander must work together to survive, and learn what it means to be real soldiers.”

Image: Facebook (Zombiepura)

Directed and written by Jacen Tan, known to be Singapore’s latest film funnyman, it stars The Noose’s Alaric and Benjamin Heng, who are also the co-producers. The film is produced by mm2, Clover Films and Jab Films, with Singapore Film Commission supporting it.

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The release date isn’t confirmed yet, though earlier reports have indicated a release date in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Inspiration from a Guard Duty

Anyone who’s been through NS in the army would be familiar with guard duty: the dreaded phrase often means a day of nua-ness, having to guard a camp whereby most action occurs in paperwork, with the most challenging aspect being trying to sign within the box.

Apparently, this idleness is the spark of this movie: director Jacan Tan came out with the script during one of his guard duty stints about nine years ago.

OMG, indeed. All I can think of during guard duties is…nothingness.

Can’t Wait? There’s Another NS-Themed Horror Film in Cinema

If you can’t wait for Ah Boys to Men 5 – I mean, Zombiepura, you’re in luck because another NS-themed horror film is going to be released this National Day.

Back in 2011, years before Ah Boys to Men took Singapore by storm, a movie called 23:59 was released, and it was a commercial success, collecting $1.5 million in the Singapore box office.

Its sequel, called 23:59: The Haunting Hour, would be released this National Day, and this time, Ah Boys to Men’s Noah Yap is part of the cast, together with Mark Lee, one of the original cast.

You can read our review of the movie here.

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