This is S’pore’s Solution to Jobless People in SG, But There’s a Catch

Say, did you happen to be near Our Tampines Hub on 30 April or 1 May?

Because if you didn’t, you’ve really missed out on something huge. But it’s okay because if you’re reading this article because of the headline, it means you’re really interested in keeping or getting a job.

And that’s where I come in, by giving semi-legit advice that’ll really help you.

Nope, I won’t be making you a CEO but I’ll give you the means to be one.

Todo Todo

Say, have you heard of Todo Todo? This is a joint initiative between the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and People’s Association (PA) for young Singaporean workers in Singapore.

I can go on a spiel of what they do to get you a job and what they did for others, but I’m not going to because what they give you is something infinitely more precious: They give you the network.

How many times have you complained about being skipped over for promotion because the guy who got selected knew the boss? Or the successful guy at the bar and you go, oh, that’s because he knows people in high places.

What Todo Todo does, is to give you access to the network of the Labour Movement, businesses, grassroots and industry professionals.

That’s right, successful, experienced people, some even bosses of their own companies and all are willing to give back to society, to help groom a young potential in the industry.

Of course, the fact that said potential, once groomed, might just work and create more profits for them is left unsaid. Not that it should bother you: You get a job, they get a good employee who will go on to be successful in life.

So, we were lucky enough to be invited down to the Todo Todo: Skills Marketplace event which took place on 30 Apr & 1 May. And oh boy, let me tell you, it was a treat.

Todo Todo Skills Marketplace

Todo Todo Skills Marketplace aims to equip youths of today with the skills and perspective to take the next step in their careers – just like a career compass.

To bring them on a journey of self-discovery, give them more information about industries they’re interested in and to let them know what jobs are available.

At this event, they’ve created four different zones for the public to tour, each one dedicated to helping you in an area.

To Explore

One-to-one coaching, mentorship with industry experts, D’profiling Tree to really know yourself; every activity in this zone is to allow you to explore the different options available to you and check your suitability for jobs.

To Excite

Exactly like the name, this zone is incredibly exciting.

You get to hear life stories from people who’ve made it, the latest industry trends from industry professionals. What I like most? Learn about leadership through L4D2.

Like I said, the most important thing they give you is the network.

Exciting, isn’t it?

To Equip

Giving you the network and the opportunity to meet with industry experts isn’t enough because they’re multiplier effects. Chim, I know.

In this zone, they teach you about becoming an effective manager, how to connect with people and make them do what you want, learn how to speak and convince people, and more.

Multiply one by two and you’ll only get two, but multiple 10 by 2 and you’ll get 20.

This zone wants to make you a ten.

To Embark

And finally, to embark. This segment featured booths from a plethora of companies looking to recruit.

We’re talking SPF, Capitaland, Resorts World Sentosa, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local SMEs like Kaldi’s Berry and more; good companies in their own rights.

With all the youngsters spotted milling around, we’re sure many of them have started plotting their career paths!

PM Lee already mentioned in the May Day Rally speech that Singaporeans need to be “hungry” and “stay ahead of competitors”.

NTUC Secretary-General Chan Chun Sing echoed that through the U Career Network, there will be initiatives to help workers in different stages of their career – starting right from when they get their first job!

More coming your way

For those who are bummed at missing out, don’t worry because Todo Todo is here for the long term.

Check out their website for information on future events, or download the Todo Todo app (available on both iOS and Play Store) today!

In fact, why wait till there are events when they have mentorship programs you can apply for at any time?

Don’t say got good lobang we never jio hor!

And what’s the catch? You have to take the time to go lah!

Don’t say we bojio hor!

This article was first published on in collaboration with Young NTUC.